ONM Remembered – Miyamoto Week, day 6

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“So you think that the link-up play will prove to be successful?” “… I don’t.”

from Official Nintendo Magazine issue 132 (September 2003)

An interesting off-the-cuff interview that doesn’t play to the traditional guff you expect to hear from Shisgy. It’s not quite the “the games industry is dogshit and those fuckers will rue the day unless I stop ’em” rant I want to hear, but it’s nice to hear more from-the-hip remarks.
He makes some interesting remarks, such as the belief that a console should be defined by its library of games, not its hardware. It’s particularly refreshing to hear even Miyamoto admit that the GBA-to-GameCube link-up crap just didn’t work out. Cool idea, dude, but the sheer cost and maintenance of having it set up is ludicrous. It’d be nice to see the concepts revisited with a less dreadful system. Like the WiiU, if they didn’t go out of their way to deny using it for how everyone expected to be using it. Thanks, lads!

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