ONM Remembered – Miyamoto Week, day 5

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“I’d love to see a futuristic version of Zelda, where Link and Zelda’s descendants battle with a robotic Ganondorf.”

from Official Nintendo Magazine issue 95 (August 2000)

We’ve got a whole letters page this time! Take a gander at some of the questions poor Shaun and Rich had to put up with every week. As a youngster, the letters page was a good read, but looking at it now I can’t help but ponder, “how many times did these unlucky sods have to feign enthusiasm over these kids’ ideas?” They’re not even fully fledged Spice Games, for god’s sake.

Today’s range of Miyamoto answers are rather unsatisfying, since half of them basically amount to “my bosses say ixnay on the giving-away-all-our-top-secret plans-nay”. His answer to the “what did you want to be as a kid?” question is rather sweet, though, and aptly demonstrates the technological generation gap we had between developers and consumers in this era. Coming into video game development was either a logical path for a keen programmer, or an experimental option for someone simply seeking to entertain.

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