ONM Remembered – #457

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“Better known as Daisy in the UK, the pretty pink princess is good for nothing except whimpering and getting kidnapped.”

from Official Nintendo Magazine issue 56 (May 1997), issue 57 (June 1997), and issue 58 (July 1997)
(big ups to oldgamemags.com for the scans!)

“It’s-A-Me Mario! The Evolution of a Super Star” was a three-issue retrospective on Mario’s journey from his humble birth in the arcades to that guy who appeared in that madly popular 3D game. Since I only started collecting ONM at issue 58 I only ever saw the final part, but I finally caught up on the rest thanks to OldGameMags.com. I can’t thank them enough!

It’s no doubt been overshadowed by many more recent and in-depth features across the internet or even other magazines, but at the time it was pretty fascinating, if just for the rare looks at games and media we never saw in the UK. There’s stacks of oddball Nintendo trivia, from Miyamoto’s influences to bizarre articles in American newspapers, though there’s nary a comment on all the cartoons and comics they include excerpts from. Come on guys, if you’re going to get folks excited over the existence of Mario comics, at least let them know what to look for!

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