ONM Remembered – #458

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“If things are getting tough and your Yoshis are being slaughtered, it’s time to call on a renegade band of mercenaries.”

from Official Nintendo Magazine issue 62 (November 1997)
(big ups to oldgamemags.com for the scans!)

I discussed this topic before while covering another Spice Game, but applying strategy game mechanics to a 2D platformer always tickles me, even if it’s bound to be impractical as hell and nowhere near as nifty as it sounds in my mind. It’s like if Mario Maker had players on both sides; one guy wants to make an inpenetrable fortress with strong foes but limited resources, and the other ones to break in with their own skilled characters and tools.
The idea completely breaks down once you develop it beyond that incredibly vague concept – and the Spice Game isn’t even a 2D platformer, but a bog-standard Command & Conquer clone – but dang it, work with me here! I’m brainstorming killer ideas and banking on someone else to do the hard work for me! Why else would I run this column for four years but to plant harebrained ideas into people’s heads?!

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