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Whopping change in the menu page!



Round 5 is finally covered. It didn't take long, I was just reluctant to do it for two weeks or more.

So ... I guess that's it. All the levels are covered, I've noted differences, and even took a barely comprehensive look at early footage. That's the meat done. All that's left is the dessert, which may take a while to arrive due to chef disputes.

What I'm saying is, unless there's reason to, it's unlikely for this place to be updated much, if at all. It's been a semi-enjoyable little romp, even if it wasn't as exciting as I hoped, and it comes to a close.

It's been fun.



Updated the level, intro, and menu pages to put everything in tables, not only due to my new-found fascination with them, but also because some people (okay, just Galvatron) were complaining about the images being out of wack with their 1024x768 resolutions. Also, the sound test has been completed for the menu, and something new in General Differences.



I finished Round 4, and something interesting has been documented in not enough words at General Differences.

This update would've come sooner, but Galvatron appears to have disappeared off the face of the Earth, so I had to get Steve to do it with me.



Round 3 is finished, and a couple more things added to General Differences.



The whole place has been rejigged into a hub, but all this place gets is an F.A.Q.



Wow, I've really been neglecting this place. Kinda ironic how I keep apologising about slow updates at MS:MIA (even when the last update was only four days ago), yet didn't bother here. Three months. Yeesh.

None the less, I plan to finish this off as best I can, and I've started with finally doing level 2, and adding a couple of things to General Differences.



Due to the fact that there's very little in the way of easy updates for the Metal Slug portion of the site, I thought I'd mimic my buddy Galvatron and do some coverage for a beta. The problem? The undocumented betas were either a) crap, or b) not worth documenting, due to little in the way of differences.

But good ol' World of Illusion was there. I was reluctant to cover it, what with it being not as rock-awesome as the Super Shinobi 2 betas, and people would probably be turned off by the fact it's Mickey frickin' Mouse, the ultimate in cute and politically correct cartoons. Galvatron said it'd be interesting for those beta fanatics, and I agreed. Not documenting on a piece of video game production history just because of some jerks who can't enjoy a light-hearted cartoon is ludicrous. So here we are.

I've documented the intro, the main menu, general differences, early footage, and level 1.