Round 2


Round 2-1

Unlike most of the first level, this has the same visual appearance from the final (aside from the rocks being brighter), but it is different in it's design and other changes. The most notable changes include the lack of tornado enemies, and your character doesn't say anything about trying out their new magic before Alakazamming up the flying carpet; speaking of the carpet, it's controls are very unsteady and awkward, unlike the final, where it's pretty smooth and easy to handle. Your character's animation stops when they are flown upwards, but it speeds up in the final.

There are strange semi-tornados of leaves blowing in a circle, but they don't move nor harm you. The level continues roughly around after it ends in the final, where you awkwardly fly through a path in the cavern, and come out the other side, which has no objects there at all, and it just ends in the middle of the sky oddly. I can't blame them for removing that part, as there's no way it could be called exciting.


Round 2-D

This is Donald's leaf-riding water path, and it's quite different in the beta. Just about all the graphics are different, with significantly different colours and designs; really about the only things that survived were the leaf itself and the fire.

When you go down a path and end up at the bottom, the final just warps you there, but the beta makes your graphics (and thus, the HUD) fade to brown, and then makes you appear there. The beta also lacks any real danger, as there's never really more than two dangers on screen; the final, on the other hand, just throws danger in your face. I mean, the most exciting part of this area in the beta is jumping from one leaf to the other. And that's terrible.


Round 2-M

And this here is Mickey's path, and the changes aren't quite as significant as Donald's. The first part is unchanged to my knowledge, aside from the usual lack of sound effects. The second part (where the ceiling tries to crush you) only has two differences; the ceiling is different, and there's no rock that tumbles at you when you enter.

The third section (where you have to ride falling rocks to the bottom while avoiding the crumbling ones) is a bit more different. The most severe changes are the lack of background, slight change in entrance path, and the way of entering the fourth section is via landing on a ledge and entering a hole in the cliff wall, compared to the final, where you have to land on a steady rock. The ledge makes the rocks pointless, as you can simply leap down there with no problem, so it's understandable why they replaced it with the rock After that, the final sends you to 2-2, but the beta brings you to a fourth area before you can head there, where it looks like you simply walk across a rock bridge, but it crumbles apart and dumps you in the clouds.


Round 2-P

This is the 2-Player only area, and other than a little reorganising, there's not much different here. Some of the eggs are moved about, as are the Mad Hatter cowboys, the pillars that move downwards are slower, no boulder is thrown at you when you reach the top, there's a pillar before the collapsing rock bridge, and after said rock bridge, the last pillar is there (the final has a little extra land before the pillar). Yup. Not much different.


Round 2-2

And this here is the final area before the boss. The first part, where you leap across from cloud to cloud, has a different layout in the beta, lacks tornado enemies again, and quite mysteriously, lacks any moving or disappearing clouds. Once you reach the second part with the piano keys, the fun of this area in the beta is SAPPED OUT. Why? Because the keys don't do anything. Walking across them makes no sound, no musical notes that turn into cake or bombs, nor does it even go down against your weight. Curiously, the Mad Hatter cowboys from the previous area are in this area, which is bizarre, to say the least.


Round 2-B

And here we fight the witch-turned-dragon from The Sword in the Stone. The most notable things here include that the dragon walks around a lot more in the beta than in the final's battle, where she only walks if you're too far for her to jump at; and secondly, despite the fact the stones still come out to form the dragon, they don't actually leave the circle. Plus, her fireballs move a lot slower, and she stands there for a fair bit after shooting one, making things a lot easier.


Once the beast is slain, you get another treasure chest with more magic to reveal. This time, the beta doesn't even bother with a story screen, and instead the treasure chest disappears, the music starts, and the water rises, despite the fact your character didn't cast any magic or enter their bubble. The water is also differently coloured from the final.