Round 4


Round 4-1

Here we are in Round 4. The first difference is that the music has different instruments and a lower volume, but it's nothing major. The level's design and appearance are the same as the final, other than a few minor things. The stamp enemies are missing entirely, the tubes of paint don't cause any difficulties in moving, the first stapler spring has a gap between it and the red books to it's right (in the final it's right beside it), and the sugar cube jars have entirely different designs with no bouncing sugar cube enemies. All the doors are open, although some are closed in the final, where your character must open them with magic; going through them makes the screen fade out in the beta, but the final makes the curtain close, the camera zoom over to your destination, where the curtain opens and your character is dumped out.

The spring on the red book next to BOOK (the entrance to the Donald-only area) is centred, but is closer to the left wall in the final; and the tape measure near the final door has a rounded top, but it squared in the final. The area past the perfume bottle only has one green book, thus why a spring is necessary to reach the red one (the final has three green books that go all the way to the red book, thus why the spring isn't there).


Round 4-D

Donald's area takes place in a story book, strangely enough. There's absolutely no enemies or background details here; no WOLF wolves, no leaves that fall from trees when you pass them, no musical notes from the trumpets, just an area to walk through. Other than that, there's not many other changes; the staircases of books has the books on their side, but they're diagonally in the final (which makes sense, since everything else is angled like that); the switch that makes the drawbridge come down doesn't work in the beta; and finally, there no plants in the pots inside the castle. Amusingly, after you finish the area, the beta allows you to go back in again.


Round 4-M

Mickey gets the more exciting area, and rides a flying wine cork through space. The beta lacks just about all the eye candy, with the missing stars, unfitting colours for the background, and so on. Interestingly, although there's only one sprite for Mickey riding the cork in the beta, the cork flashes. Of course, the colours are messed up, and it's a silly concept, so it was most likely a mistake, as the effect isn't in the final. Once you finish the area, you just appear back in the candy land, but the final drops you in.


Round 4-P

The 2-Player only area takes place inside an open parcel, and WOW, the appearance is different from the final in just about every way! The beta has a very non-descript background of lights and streaks, while the final has a decorated Christmas tree, and there are no dice that fall on you to be found in the beta. The level design is a fair bit different, with platforms added, removed and rearranged, enemies the same, and a couple of pits are in where they're not in the final; as such, I can't list every single difference. The pot for the Christmas tree lacks details in the beta, but has more variety in decorations, the areas around the swinging balls don't need crawling under, and the balloons at the exit explode individually, instead of all at once.


Round 4-2

And here's the obligatory candy land. The background is altered, with colours, and minor adjustments to some things, and the level has some minor differences with platform and enemy rearrangements. The beta lacks the chocolate bar guys, those twisting things don't effect our heroes, and the first platform has a twisting thing, for no apparent reason. The area with the candy and continue in the final has a ridiculously huge wall in the beta, the bridge pieces are shorter, and the exit is just nothing (unlike the final, which has ground).


Round 4-B

Boss time. Just like Round 3, the boss doesn't seem to be any different, with the only difference I noticed being the background.


The manuscript is still here, but once again, it's two levels late. You'd think they would've at least done something about it. Even if it is a beta. After that, you walk through the magic box/doorway, and are sent to Round 5; the beta just does the usual fade out, while the final makes the characters disappear in a puff of smoke with some "omg shock" music playing.