Pictures from the final on the left, beta on the right.

The final's SEGA logo has an odd looking ™ there, while the beta does not. Not only does the beta's logo also appears quicker than the final, which has a pause before it appears, but you can also skip it with a push of the Start button.

What's interesting is that the beta plays a little song over the SEGA™ and Illusion Shot Pictures screens, that isn't in the final. Due to this little ditty, the screens stay on for a bit longer before fading to the intro.


A few foreground objects are rearranged in the beta, but due to the fact you can barely tell what they are (is that a bucket the cutlass is in?), I can't really comment on what's been shifted. It should be easy to tell with the visual guide.

Another thing worth mentioning is that the music is the same between the two versions, but the beta is very loud with crappy instruments, and it's timing is off by miles.


Goofy has his hands full with a magic box and a hat in the final, while he runs to the left frantically in the beta. And to make this picture more relevant, I'll state the obvious and point out how the cutlass is more in the barrel (?) in the final.


The top hat on a pole (walking stick?) isn't in anything distinguishable in the final, but is clearly in a barrel in the beta. Also note how the final's rope has a misplaced tile, while the beta's is correct. The hat is also a touch different between the two, and something in the background is different, but I've no idea what it is.


Everything, excluding the foreground barrels, spade cube, and some of the wall, is different here. The closest wrapped thing is angled differently, the chest has a different lock, the rag on the wall is also angled different, the final's table has what looks like a drawer, and the last two items are angled or placed differently, with minor details changed. The positions and changes to the magic box and the red parcel (?) beside it are carried onto the part with the front of the curtain, zoomed out.


And the title screen. Mickey is severely different in the beta, being a whole different sprite and all. Note how beta Mickey and Donald have the exact same hands. Donald's changes in the final was minor, really just some tweaking on his feet, cap, and back, along with being given a new hand and a shine in his eye.

The copyright dates are missing from the beta, and SEGA isn't credited. No demos play in the beta. Do what the flashing text says, and . . .


The story comes up, as expected. The text is pretty much the same in the story segment, although the pictures were changed from black and white to colour in the final, along with the images enhanced.


Note how tiny Donald's hat was in the previous beta image, and how huge it is now. Also, Donald's shadow isn't in the final's image, but Mickey's is. VAMPIREEEEEE


More shadowless Donald. Note how the final's magic box has arms, while the beta's just has tiny hands.


Mickey's worrying was a "return" in the beta, but was fixed to be a reply in the final. Good call.

Also, I feel disappointed at the translation from beta image to final. I mean, the final's looks prettier, but the beta's has a great atmosphere, with the light beaming in from the box and all. Speaking of the box, why is it called that? It's clearly a doorway.


More lack of shadows.


Not much to say here.


A DOT DOT DOT was added before the Poof! in the final.


Donald's silhouette cracks me up.


The evil wizard looks less threatening in the beta image.

And with that, you're thrown into main menu.