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The Bomber Tournament is held every four years, and it's just about to begin. The victor has the honour of being declared a true Bomber fighter, but also the chance of being granted a wish by the tournament's symbol: a goddess statue that represents aspiration. And thus, a group of combatants with hope in their hearts have assembled yet again.

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Shirobon Kurobon Honey Kotetsu Baguro
Combatant #12 GOlem Bomber Pegi Jr. Radibom Puipui
Mami Lewysia Denta Pump Deral

Hudson page (archive)

A barebones promotional page.

SEGA Saturn Magazine Vol.34 (セガサターンマガジン)

Dated October 3rd 1997. A four-page preview highlighting its cast and unique features... all set on an arena that's not in the released game!

Shirobon / しろボン

page 22, "Characters"




A protector of peace and justice who fights night and day. Light-hearted and passionate, he's often reckless in his role of serving out justice.
Having beat the Hige Hige Bandits and Bagular, he was taking it easy. Then, one day, he received a letter. It was an advertisement for the "Bomber Tournament", a contest of the strongest bomb warriors in the world, and requested his participation.
"I've had the courage to defeat evil for the wellbeing of the world; I can't say no to a competition!" thought Shiro, and so he and his comrade, Kuro, made their way to the Bomber Convention.

Kurobon / くろボン

Honey / ハニー

Kotetsu / 小鉄 / こてつ

Baguro / バグロォ

Name is spelt "Bagulor" in the Perfect Program Official Edition book.

Combatant #12 / 戦闘員12号

Transliterated as "Sentouin 12-Go" in the Perfect Program Official Edition book.

Golem Bomber / ゴーレムボンバー

Pegi Jr. / ペギーJr.

Name is spelt "Peggy Jr." in the Perfect Program Official Edition book.

Radibom / ラジボン

Puipui / ぷいぷい

Mami / まみ

Lewysia / レウィシア

Denta / 伝太

Pump / パンプ

Translated as "Pamp" in the Survival Mode high score board and "Pampu" in the Perfect Program Official Edition book.

Deral / デラル

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