Saturn Bomberman


The goal of each stage is to reach the exit, which is opened by destroying all the Core Mechanisms. At the end of each world is a boss battle; defeating it will allow you to progress to the next world.
You can revisit old stages at any time on the map screen, except for boss battles. Revisited stages play exactly the same, but with no Core Mechanisms - the exit will always be open.
There are 5 worlds with a variable number of stages in each. There are 38 stages in total, and 7 boss battles.

Each stage gives you a variable amount of time to complete it in. If the timer runs out, it's the same as losing a life.
Among the items hidden in soft blocks are eggs; collecting one will grant BOmberman a Tirra to ride on. See the Tirra section for details.

In addition to single-player, the Normal Game can also be played in 2-player; the goal remains the same, only now both players can co-operate (or compete!) to complete each stage.

Battle Mode

See Battle Mode for details.

Master Game

See Master Game for details.


All controls can be configured in the Options menu.

Control Pad Move the player.
A Button Pick up/throw with the Power Glove (see items). Use Tirra power (see Tirras)
B Button Detonates remote-controlled bombs.
C Button Lays a bomb.
X / Y / Z Button n/a
L / R Button Stops a kicked bomb. Press both buttons simultaneously to jump off a Tirra.
START Button Pauses game.

Names from the English manual are in brackets. Button inputs only apply to the default setup.

Fire / ファイアー (Firepower)

Extends bomb blast radius by 1 tile. Maximum of 16.

Found in: Normal / Master / Battle

Bomb / 爆弾

Grants you 1 extra bomb.

Found in: Normal / Master / Battle

Roller Shoes / ローラーシューズ (Roller Skates)

Increases your walking speed.

Found in: Normal / Master / Battle

Full Fire / フルファイアー

Extends bomb blast radius to maximum (16 tiles).

Found in: Battle

Geta / ゲタ (Sandals)

Reduces your walking speed.

Found in: Normal / Master

Bomb Kick / ボムキック

Kick bombs by walking into them. The bomb will stop upon hitting a wall, player or enemy - can be stopped mid-kick by pressing the L or R Button.
Found in: Normal / Battle / Master

Power Glove / パワーグローヴ

Allows you to pick up, carry and throw bombs by pressing the A Button while standing on one. Bombs are thrown 3 tiles ahead, and their detonation timer resets upon landing.
Found in: Normal / Battle / Master

Egg / タマゴ

Spawns a Tirra for Bomberman to ride upon. See the Tirra section for details.

Found in: Normal / Battle

Bomb Pass / 爆弾通過

Allows you to walk through bombs.

Found in: Normal

Wall Pass / 壁通過 (Block)

Allows you to walk through soft blocks.

Found in: Normal

Remote Control / リモコン

Bombs can be detonated at any time by pressing the B Button.

Found in: Normal / Master

Power Bomb / パワーボム

The first bomb laid will be a Power Bomb with a 16-tile blast radius.

Found in: Normal / Master

Marble Bomb / ビー玉ボム (Bead Bomb)

Hold the C Button for 2 seconds, and release to shoot a bomb: the bomb will instantly detonate upon hitting an object.
Found in: Normal / Battle

Penetration Bomb / 貫通爆弾 (Penetrator)

Bomb blasts will pierce through soft blocks.

Found in: Normal

Line Bomb / ラインボム

Double-tapping the C Button will lay all of your bombs forward in a row.

Found in: Normal / Battle

Gum Bomb / ゴム爆弾 (Rubber Bomb)

If kicked, bombs will bounce in the opposite direction upon colliding with an object. If thrown, bombs will bounce erratically before landing.
Found in: Normal / Battle

Mine / 地雷

Lays an invisible landmine. Once someone steps on it, it becomes solid and detonates within 1 second with a full-screen blast radius.
Found in: Battle

Fireproof Suit / 耐火スーツ (Fire Suit)

Renders Bomberman invincible for 10 seconds.

Found in: Normal / Master


Grants you an extra life.

Found in: Normal

Heart / ハート

Allows you to survive one attack. Up to 9 can be stocked in Master Game.
Found in: Normal / Master

Clock / 時計

Freezes enemies where they stand for 16 seconds.
Found in: Normal

Meat / 肉

500 points.

Found in: Normal

Apple / リンゴ

1000 points.

Found in: Normal / Master

Ice Cream / ソフトクリーム

4000 points.
Fills Tirra growth metre to max.
Found in: Normal / Master

Merger / 合体

Allows whoever to absorb other players, temporarily removing them from play and giving the merger 8 Bomb Ups and 8 Fire Ups. Lasts for 20 seconds before releasing all captured players; if the merger is killed, all absorbed players are released. Does not work if only 2 players are participating.
Found in: Battle

Bomura / ボムラ

Only accessible in Bomber Catcher for Wide Battle. If collected, Bomura will appear in the next round after 1 minute as a stage hazard. It slowly walks around, ploughing through soft blocks and killing players on contact. It'll periodically stop and breathe fire 6 tiles ahead of it, creating a horizontal 7-tile line of fire that instantly annihilates all items, soft blocks and enemies in its path. It will only leave the arena once 1 minute is left on the clock, or if it is bombed 10 times.
Found in: Battle

Skull / ドクロ

Inflicts whoever collects it with a random curse; the curse can be spread to other players by touching them. The curse will expire after 10 seconds.
Found in: Battle

Devil / デビル

All players are inflicted with a random curse.

Found in: Battle

Tirras (referred to as "dinosaurs" in the English manual) are rotund reptiles that serve as Bomberman's steed, each colouration with their own unique ability. They are found in eggs throughout the Normal Game and Battle Game.

What's particularly unique is that Tirras can grow, enhancing their abilities at each level: By defeating enemies, collecting items and clearing stages, the Tirra's egg gauge will fill. The Tirra will grow to its next level upon the end of the stage, if the gauge is filled. There are 3 levels of Tirra growth.
In Battle Game, Tirras grow by collecting additional eggs.

A Tirra will serve as an extra hit - the Tirra will be destroyed but leave the rider unharmed. You can jump off a Tirra at any time by pressing L and R Buttons simultaneously, and any player can claim it by walking into it. Although an unmanned Tirra can still be obliterated by bomb blasts, it is invulnerable to Normal Game enemies.

Purple Tirra / パープルティラ

Can emit a screech that detonates bombs and detects items inside of soft blocks.
Level 1: Range is 3 tiles.
Level 2: Range is 4 tiles.
Level 3: Range is 7 tiles.

Blue Tirra / ブルーティラ

Can kick bombs into the air, similar to the Punch item from prior games; hold the button to launch them further.
Level 1: Maximum range is 2 tiles.
Level 2: Maximum range is 4 tiles.
Level 3: Maximum range is 6 tiles.

Green Tirra / グリーンティラ

Will dash forward .
Level 1: Dash speed is slow. Will not stop until it hits an obstacle; is dazed for a second afterwards.
Level 2: Dash speed is fast. Can stop mid-dash.
Level 3: Dash speed is even faster. Can change direction mid-dash.

Yellow Tirra / イエローティラ

Roars, stunning enemies for a second or two.
Level 1: Range is 3 tiles.
Level 2: Range is 6 tiles.
Level 3: Range is 9 tiles.

Pink Tirra / ピンクティラ

Can jump over bombs, blocks, enemies - you name it! Jump while moving to jump forward.
Level 1: Can jump forward 2 tiles.
Level 2: Can jump forward 4 tiles.
Level 3: Can jump forward 6 tiles.

For level data, maps and boss hints, see the following pages:

Hige Hige Land

Mage Mage World

Gunman World

Tyranno World

Mujoe World

The Master Game page (for strategies and maps exclusive to this mode) can be found here!

The Battle Game page can be found here!

Start on world

These codes will allow you to start on your chosen world of the Normal Game. Hold the input buttons on the title screen while it reads "Press Start", then begin a New Game. This also starts you off with 10 bombs, Remote Control, Line Bomb, Power Glove and a full-screen blast radius.

World 1 L + R + B + up-left
World 2 L + R + A + up-left
World 3 L + R + C + up-right
World 4 L + R + X + up-right
World 5 L + R + Y + up-left

View ending

While it reads "Press Start" on the title screen, hold L + R + Z + down. The ending will play immediately.

Clean pause

Press X + Y + Z simultaneously while paused to remove the pause graphic.

Unlock Yuna & Manto

At the first screen on the Battle Game menu, hold the L + R Buttons until you hear a chime. Yuna and Manto will now be available on the character select menu. Yuna is faster than other players, and Manto automatically has the Power Glove active.

Unlock Battle Stage variants (change weather)

On the Stage Select screen, hold the X, Y + X Buttons until you hear a chime. You can now press Up and Down to change the time of day, giving you 2 extra variants of each stage - or all 3, if you're playing the English versions!

In the Japanese version, the Night Sky variant requires an extra step: go to the Options screen and press the Start Button 15 times per second for 6 seconds until you hear a chime.
(in actuality, the game expects you to use a SBom Joycard controller and set the Start autofire to "slow", because it's one of Hudson's obtuse long-standing traditions)

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