Saturn Bomberman

Master Game

The Master Game is a secondary single-player mode with a simple objective - destroy all enemies and progress to the next floor. Every fourth floor is a boss battle against a [MASTER??]. There are 20 floors in total.

However, the real goal is to achieve a high score. [racking up fat scores by completing levels quickly and catching multiple foes in one explosion is key. speed and efficiency.

You are given 2 minutes to clear each floor, and 3 minutes for boss battles. Every second on the clock by the floor's completion is worth 50 points.

Ability items such as Bomb Kick, Power Glove and Remote Control will be lost between each stage - they are only active in the floor you find them on. Bomb Ups, Fire Ups, Speed Ups and Hearts will always stay active.

There are no lives. Should Bomberman die, it's back to the very beginning.

[more detail! need floor strategies, high score tips and rank listings!]
Floors 1 - 4 Floors 5 - 8 Floors 9 - 12 Floors 13 - 16 Floors 17 - 20

Floor 1

ENEMIES: Onil x 2, Pontan x 3
ITEMS: Bomb Up, Fire Up, Speed Up, Heart x 2

Floor 2

ENEMIES: Pontan x 6
ITEMS: Bomb Up, Fire Up, Apple, Heart

Floor 3

ENEMIES: Terupyo x 9
ITEMS: Speed Up, Fire Suit x 3, Apple, Ice Cream, Heart

Floor 4

The rather redundantly-named Bomber Bomb Kami (ボンバーボム神) is a entity literally made out of bombs, with a particular fondness for Rubber Bombs. He strolls around the stage aimlessly.

His most common attack is to shoot 4 Rubber Bombs in each direction - he will reach a hand into the air before doing this. The bombs will bounce once or twice before detonating, so steer clear.

If one of your bombs is placed nearby, he'll kick a bomb at it, instantly detonating on impact. His eyes glow quickly before performing this.

Lastly, should the fire on his head flare up, he'll separate his head from his body, spray 3 Rubber Bombs, and bounce only for a short while before floating. His body will explode after a few seconds with maximum blast radius, so stay out of the way. Once all bombs (both his and yours) have detonated, he will reform. He can be bombed while bouncing (awarding 1000 points), but is invincible while airborne.

The only attack to really watch out for is his bomb kick. Hitting this guy shouldn't be too much of a challenge.
Requires 8 hits to defeat. Worth 5000 points.

Floor 5

ENEMIES: Boyon x 6
ITEMS: Bomb Up, Apple x 2, Ice Cream, Heart

Floor 6

ENEMIES: Pontan x 10, Boyon x 2
ITEMS: Fire Up, Speed Up, Bomb Kick, Heart

Floor 7

ENEMIES: Pontan x 4, Ballom x 6
ITEMS: Bomb Up x 2, Fire Up, Power Glove x 2, Ice Cream, Heart

Floor 8

Bomber Debugon (ボンバーデブゴン) uses his vertical stick weapon for his attacks, particularly for deflecting or outright avoiding your bombs.

If he raises his stick above his head and twirls it, Debugon will fly into the air for 3 seconds, laying a horizontal line of 9 bombs beneath him (only vertically if he's between soft blocks to his left and right). If there are any bombs on-screen when he begins this, he won't lay any bombs.

He can poke with his stick, usually to detonate bombs. If it doesn't touch a bomb, the stick will extend all the way to the edge of the screen before retracting. The stick will block bomb explosions, but bombs underneath it will still pass through, and he is vulnerablefrom other directions.

Should he twirl his stick in front him, he will throw it like a boomerang. It moves in an arc relative to Bomberman's position - he is immobile until it returns.

Can slam the ground with his stick, sending four shockwaves in each direction, and then another set. One set will move in straight lines, the other in diagonals. The shockwaves will detonate bombs, but can be destroyed for 500 points.

Although he has a lot of varied attacks, rushing and surrounding him with bombs at all possible times shouldn't be hard to do. All of his attacks have a noticeable delay afterwards before he starts moving that you should definitely exploit.
Requires 6 hits to defeat. Worth 5000 points.

Floor 9

ENEMIES: Pontan x 4, enemy generator x 4 (Pontan)
ITEMS: Fire Up, Speed Up, Power Glove, Fire Suit x 2,

Floor 10

ENEMIES: Onil x 5, Terupyo x 4, enemy generator
ITEMS: Bomb Up, Fire Up, Bomb Kick, Power Glove x 2, Ice Cream x 2, Heart

Floor 11

ENEMIES: Minvo x 8, Pegi x 4, enemy generator x 2
ITEMS: Bomb Up, Speed Up, Remote Control, Heart

Floor 12

Bomber Jokkii (ボンバージョッキー) carries two tankards of beer with him, and uses them to either speed himself up or as bizarre shields and projectiles.

His most common ability is to swill from one beer mug, causing him to speed up and gently chase Bomberman for 13 seconds.

If any bombs are placed nearby, he will stop to shield them with his beer mug. Bombs from any other direction will still harm him.

After shielding two attacks, he will fall asleep, and his snoring will spawn micro Bombermen. These little Bombermen move slowly and aimlessly around the arena. Bombing them is worth 500 points, and Jokkii will spawn more to replace them.
If Bomberman shares his X/Y axis or goes undisturbed for 16 seconds, Jokkii will wake up.

If he raises his arms triumphantly and drinks from both mugs, he will turn one of his mugs into a rocket projectile. They have the power to detonate bombs.

Quite possibly the easiest of the bosses. His one defensive technique is easy to get around (chain bombs behind him!), and his most common ability effectively makes him harmless for over ten seconds. Unless you've missed vital power-ups, this should be a doddle.
Requires 6 hits to defeat. Worth 5000 points.

Floor 13

ENEMIES: Onil x 6, Boyon x 5
ITEMS: Bomb Up, Speed Up, Geta, Power Glove x 2, Remote Control, Apple x 2, Ice Cream x 3, Heart

Floor 14

ENEMIES: Pegi x 3, Burol x 8
ITEMS: Bomb Up, Fire Up, Bomb Kick, Power Glove x 2, Apple x 2, Ice Cream x 3, Heart

Floor 15

ENEMIES: Boyon x 6, Burol x 2
ITEMS: Fire Up, Speed Up, Geta, Bomb Kick, Power Glove x 2, Apple x 2, Ice Cream x 3, Heart

Floor 16

Bomber Miyagi (ボンバーミヤーギ) is a master of projectiles, and will use them quickly and with little warning. He will casually pursue Bomberman around the arena.

If he raises his hands, both glowing with energy, then he will shoot three projectiles downwards - a large one down the centre, and two smaller ones that arc outwards, then inward, aiming in Bomberman's direction. The large one is indestructible, but the small ones can be bombed for 500 points.

He can shoot energy projectiles in eight directions (telegraphed by him crouching, his whole body glowing). The projectiles can be bombed for 200 points.

He can hop two tiles at a time, usually in reaction to lots of nearby bombs. Landing on a bomb will detonate it, harming him.

Finally, if he walks into a bomb, he will kick it in any direction.

Miyagi can be a tricky foe. He can use any of his abilities very quickly, and they all have great potential to damage you. You'd be surprised how nasty prematurely detonating or rearranging your bombs can be. Litter him with bombs when you can, but choose your attacks wisely, and don't crowd him - you don't want to be nearby when he starts throwing projectiles around.
Requires 6 hits to defeat. Worth 5000 points.

Floor 17

ENEMIES: Pontan x 16
ITEMS: Bomb Up, Speed Up, Geta, Bomb Kick x 2, Power Glove, Remote Control, Heart

Floor 18

ENEMIES: Pass x 16
ITEMS: Bomb Up, Fire Up, Geta, Bomb Kick x 2, Power Glove, Heart

Floor 19

ENEMIES: Pontan x 16
ITEMS: Fire Up, Speed Up, Bomb Kick x 2, Power Glove, Remote Control,

Floor 20

Bomber Dragon (ボンバードラゴン)

His main attack is to throw 3 dragon heads. The dragon heads will slowly pinball around the arena, and will detonate bombs on contact. Dragon Bomber will float to where Bomberman is standing, invincible, until they are all destroyed, or they have made 3 'passes' of the arena.
The dragon heads are worth 200 points each.

If he stops and makes a stance, he will turn into a fireball and fly towards a wall, stunning Bomberman upon colliding with it. He is invincible as a fireball, and bombs will be detonated on contact.

After 2 hits, Dragon Bomber will grow and transform into a dragon form. He now has more powerful abilities.

He can now shoot six dragon heads, but will continue his ordinary behaviour. Destroying the dragon heads will not change his pattern.

He can now make long leaps to where Bomberman is standing. Upon landing, Bomberman will be stunned and all bombs are detonated. This is your best chance to attack him - lay a bomb where he's going to land, make as much distance as possible, and repeat.

Once he's close enough to make escape impossible, he will start hopping. As far as I know, he is too fast to bomb and is otherwise invincible. He won't become vulnerable until he performs another attack; either the long leaps or the attack listed below.

Dragon Bomber admittedly isn't a humongous threat - the real issue is keeping him vulnerable to bombs once he's transformed. The first thing he usually does after transforming is a long leap. Keep him doing those as long as you can, as that is the easiest way to defeat him quickly and painlessly. Once he changes to hopping he's harder to keep track of and predict.
Requires 6 hits to defeat. Worth 5000 points.

Enemy names are unsourced.

Onil: Moves slowly and aimlessly, changing direction when it pleases. 100 points.

Pontan: Moves in straight lines; will only change direction upon hitting a wall. 200 points.

Terupyo: Moves 3 tiles before changing direction. Follows Bomberman if it can. 200 points.

Boyon: Moves slowly. Will make a random turn at every junction it encounters. 10 points.

Ballom: Moves slowly. only changes direction upon hitting a wall. 300 points.

Minvo: Moves aimlessly, with a penchant for following the same path repetitively. 200 points.

Pegi: Behaves like Onil, but faster. 500 points.

Burol: Slowly pursues Bomberman. 100 points.

Pass: Behaves like Onil, but faster. Will retreat from Bomberman if nearby. 200 points.

enemy generator: 700 points.

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