Saturn Bomberman

Battle Game

A battle royale; the last man standing is the victor! Up to 8 players can participate, while up to 10 can Up to 10 players can participate in the Battle Game, though there are limi

When 1 minute is left on the clock (or 40 Seconds is time is set to 1 minute), hard blocks will fill the arena until only a small section in the middle is left. If no victor is declared by time-out, the match is considered a draw.

# of battles: 1 to 5
Time: As low as 1 minute to up to 9 minutes.
Shuffle: If on, rearranges the positions of every player at the start of each round.
No Draw: When time is running out, the raining hard blocks won't stop until a victor is declared or the arena is filled.
Devil: Enables Devil items. See items.
Mad Bomber: If on, fragged players will float along the sidelines and can throw bombs into the arena; hold the button to throw further, to a maximum of 11 tiles in. Hold the B button to speed up. Sidelined players will be completely removed once the timer hits 1 minute.
Bomber Catcher (Bonus Game): If on, the victor will play a bonus mini-game after the match to win an item for the next round. See below.

Bomber Catcher

Bomber Catcher behaves like a typical crane game or UFO catcher - hold the B Button to move the catcher right, then hold C to move it up, and try to grab something you want!
The selection randomises after it passes the first and second choices. The player will start the next match with whatever item they collected.

This is the only place the Bomura item can be collected. See items for details.

Names in brackets are from the English game. The variants are accessible by holding the X, Y and Z Buttons on the Stage Select screen, then pressing Up and Down. The Night Sky variants require an extra step to unlock in the Japanese version: see cheats and codes for info.
For info on traps, see the traps section.

Stage 1: Original / オウジャヘノミチ (Path To Glory)

No gimmick.

Blue Sky: Default. Soft blocks are present.

White Sky: No soft blocks. Players start with 5 Bombs, a 6-tile blast radius and Bomb Kick.

Red Sky: The only items available are Bomb Ups, Fire Ups, Speed Ups, Bomb Kicks and Skulls.

Night Sky: Players begin at maximum speed.

Stage 2: Fire Goal / ファイアーゴール (Soccer Stadium)

Two goals sit at the left and right sides: if a bomb is kicked into them, 2 full-screen bomb blasts will erupt from them.

Blue Sky: Default.

White Sky: Arrows.

Red Sky: Trampolines.

Night Sky: Conveyor belt.

Stage 3: Blunder Jungle ミツリンフカク (Jungle Trap)

Mine Bombs are commonly found on this stage. In some variants, foliage will obscure parts of the arena, making bombs and players difficult to see beneath it.

Blue Sky: Default. No foliage.

White Sky: Foliage is rearranged.

Red Sky: No soft blocks. Players start with 2 bombs, 1 Fire Up and 1 Speed Up. Looping Paths and Rain.

Night Sky: No soft blocks. Players begin with 4 Bombs, 1 Fire Up and Bomb Kick. Foliage obscures the inner ring of the arena. Looping Paths.

Stage 4: Desert Hazard / デザートハザード (Desert Twister)

The shifting sand acts as a conveyor belt. After 20 seconds a tornado will spawn in the centre of the arena and move aimlessly; it bounces players and bombs 2 tiles away on contact.

Blue Sky: Default, with Conveyor Belt.

White Sky: No tornadoes. Rain and 4 Conveyor Belts.

Red Sky: No conveyor belt. Hard blocks are rearranged. Looping Path.

Night Sky: Mine Bombs are commonly found. 3 tornadoes come all at once after 30 seconds. Rain.

Stage 5: Solar And Beyond / ソラノカナタ (Space Colony)

Merger items are commonly found on this stage. In the centre of the arena are three buttons: the left one will slow down all players. The middle one restores movement speed to normal. The right one will speed up all players.

Blue Sky: Default.

White Sky: No buttons. Warp Holes.

Red Sky: No gimmick. Merger items are uncommon, if not gone entirely.

Red Sky: Same as default, with added Warp Holes.

Stage 6: Hop Step / ホップステップ (Bouncing Bomber)

This stage emphasises throwing players and bombs around with Trampolines and See-saws.

Blue Sky: Default, with 8 Trampolines.

White Sky: No trampolines. 4 horizontal See-saws.

Red Sky: 4 Trampolines. Arrows.

Red Sky: 4 horizontal See-saws, 2 vertical See-saws. Arrows.

Stage 7: Ninja House / ニンジャハウス

Purple-trimmed tatami mats decorate the arena: if a player stands on one for a second, it will raise and block any explosions in its path. The mat will stay raised until the player moves.

Blue Sky: Default.

White Sky: Arrows.

Red Sky: Trampolines.

Night Sky: Looping Paths. Warp Holes.

Stage 8: Machine de Go Go / キカイデゴーゴー (Factory Floor)

If a bomb is kicked onto any of the arrows, it will be redirected in the direction the arrow is pointing.

Blue Sky: Default.

White Sky: Arrows are gone. A conveyor belt runs around the centre; the button in the middle will toggle between clockwise and counter-clockwise.

Red Sky: Arrows are present only in the corners and inner-circle. Warp holes will transport players out of a random hole.

Night Sky: Four small conveyor belts run along the left, right, top and bottom of the arena. A button in the centre toggles what direction they go. Warp holes are present.

Wide Stage: Burning Soldiers / ホノオノセンシ (Field of Glory)

A positively huge arena (36x21 tiles!) exclusively for Wide Battle; this is the only stage 9 to 10 players are permitted. No eggs are found on this stage. Aside from the possibility of Bomura storming the stage (see items), it has no gimmick.

Blue Sky: Default.

White Sky: 2 Conveyor Belts. Warp Holes.

Red Sky: Arrows. Looping Paths.

Night Sky: No soft blocks. Players begin with 4 bombs, Full Fire, 1 Speed Up and Bomb Kick. Looping Paths.

Arrows: These tiles will redirect kicked bombs in whatever direction they're facing.

Conveyor Belt: These tiles will carry players and bombs along them; there's usually a button that'll change their direction.

Looping Paths: These connect the top and bottom of the arena; if you walk off the bottom of the screen, you'll reappear at the top. Bombs and explosions can pass through just fine.

Trampoline: These will bounce players 4 tiles in whatever direction they're facing - even off-screen. Try not to get stuck between blocks!

See-saw: If a bomb or player is placed on each side, the first one on will be flung forward 6 tiles.

Warp Hole: Entering one will transport the player out of another hole.

Rain: Rain will fall for 10 seconds, every 10 seconds, during which period all bomb blasts are reduced to 1 tile.

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