Super Bomberman Secret File

Title (Japanese)

スーパーボンバーマン シークレットファイル
Super Bomberman Secret File

A pack-in booklet with the April 9th 1993 issue of gaming magazine Marukatsu Super Famicom (マル勝スーパーファミコン). This is a small double-sized booklet; on one side is the Super Bomberman Secret File, an overview of the then-upcoming Super Bomberman with level data and gameplay tips.

On the reverse side is the Super Bomberman Ultra-Hilarious Comical Manga (スーパーボンバーマン 超爆笑 コミカルマンガ), an anthology of eight exclusive manga.

PINK BOMBERちゃん♥ (Pink Bomber-Chan)

By Matsumura Yasushi (まつむら やすし). The cutesy girl Bomberman fends off the villainous Bomberman's plans with the help of the heroic Bomberman. It's very silly.

激画BOMBER MAN (Gekiga Bomberman)

By Kato Rejirou (加藤 礼次朗). An explosive, high-octane battle against Pakupas and Bigaron, drawn in a high-energy art style with heavy brush strokes.

炎の男 (Man of Flames)

By Yoshino Sasaki (佐々木 よしの). Cutesy battle game-centric 4-koma.

対戦! 爆弾戦闘兵 (War! Bombing Battle Troops)

By Swift (スウィフト). A militaristic re-interpretation of Bomberman battles, where the iconic Bombermen are actually towering tank-like mecha.

爆弾小僧 (Little Bomb)

By Riku Hokuto (北斗 陸). Bomberman goes nuts after the death of his squeeze Bomber-Ko.

ばくはつ だいすき (I Love Explosions)

By Ta-de (たで). Simple little 4-koma.

急げ!! ボンバーマン☆ (Rush!! Bomberman)

By Izumi Mito (水戸 いずみ). Skits of Bomberman interacting with stereotypes of Japan, aided by Black Bomberman and Realistically-Proportioned Bomberman.

ちょっとマイウェイ (Hey, My Way)

By Kana Nanda (南田 かな). A battle between Bomberman to decide who gets to become human - one of the few media to acknowledge the connection between Lode Runner and Bomberman.


Download here (44MB Zip file), or view on MEGA.

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