Neo Bomberman


The goal is to destroy all the enemies and find the exit. The exit is hidden under a predetermined soft block, but will not open until all enemies are defeated. Each stage gives you 2 minutes to complete it; if time runs out, you will lose a life. The timer is reset after a life is lost ("Time Up" related or not).

Enemies have unique patterns and characteristics. Some enemies will become eggs after they are defeated; stepping on the egg will allow you to ride them and gain access to their unique special ability. See the Eggs section for details.

At the end of each world is a boss, a large enemy that will take multiple hits to defeat. Defeating the boss will allow you to progress to the next world.

There are five worlds with a varying number of stages in each. There are 37 stages in total.

Battle Mode

Details on the Battle Mode can be found here.


Control Stick Move the player.
A Button Lay a bomb. Pick up and throw bombs (see items).
B Button Use special ability (see Battle Mode or eggs)
C Button Stop a kicked bomb.
D Button n/a
START Button Continue (if all lives are lost).

For level data, maps and boss hints, see the following pages:
World 1 World 2 World 3 World 4 World 5

The Battle Mode is the typical Bomberman deathmatch, to defeat all enemy players and be the last one standing. All fights are fought best two-out-of-three, there is a 3 minute time limit - at the 0:45 marker hard blocks will rain down and create a two-tile-wide border around the arena.

If played in single-player, the battles will be presented like a tournament; after a match is won, you progress to the next fight with a new set of computer-controlled opponents. The process repeats until five matches have been won, and then you choose a new map. This repeats until all maps are cleared, and the ending is played.

Playing in 2-player will have just the two players; there are no computer-controlled opponents. The victor then proceeds to the single-player game while the loser loses their credit.

Each character (except for the regular coloured Bombermen) has their own unique special ability:

Rubber Bomber

Press the B Button and Down on the control stick to transform Rubber Bomber into a gelatinous mess; this allows him to slither through soft blocks, but cannot lay bombs in this form.

Fake Bomber

Press the B Button and Down on the control stick to transform Fake Bomber into a soft block. You can still move, drop bombs, pick up items and kick bombs, though the disguise tends to work best when static. The computer-controlled Fake Bomber will never move while transformed.

Cat Bomber

Hold and hold the B Button and Down on the control stick to charge up, and release the stick to start a dash attack where Cat Bomber scurries in random directions (functions identically to the Charge steed; the longer you hold, the longer it lasts). Collision with an enemy player will stun them and cause them to drop one of their power-ups.


Press the B Button and Up on the control stick to turn Honey's bombs into heart bombs, which will frantically scurry around the arena randomly (identically to Cat Bomber and Charge's dash moves). Their movement is unpredictable, so be sure you can run away from them once they're started!

Hayate Bomber

By pressing the A and B Buttons simultaneously, Hayate can lay a fake bomb - a bomb that will disappear in a puff of smoke after one in-game second.


Press the B Button and Up on the control stick to initiate his teleport ability - hold the stick in a direction to make him appear in that general area (warping is rather unpredictable - be sure not to warp into any bombs!).

Gold Bomber

Press the B Button and any direction on the control stick to dash in that direction. You can stop at any time by pressing another direction.

Atomic Bomber

Press the B Button and Down on the control stick to render Atomic Bomber invincible (and immobile) for 2 seconds. Requires 10 seconds for the ability to be accessible again.

Only a few of the items are named on the cabinet materials, so all names without a Japanese source are unofficial.

Bomb Up / ボムアップ

Allows you to drop one extra bomb.

Fire / ファイア

Bomb blast radius is extended by one tile.

Full Fire

You are granted the maximum amount of Fire Up items. Exclusive to Normal Mode.

Speed Up

Walking speed increases slightly.

Bomb Kick / ボムキック

Allows you to kick bombs. Press the C Button to stop a bomb while it's moving.

Power Glove / パワーグローブ

Allows you to pick up, carry and throw bombs. Thrown bombs are hurled directly forward, and won't stop until they hit an enemy player or the side of the screen (in which cases it'll either land two tiles past the player, or keep bouncing over blocks until it finds a place to land; even looping across to the other side of the screen if it has to).

Fireproof Suit

Protects you from bomb blasts for a short period. Exclusive to Normal Mode.

Penetration Bomb

Bomb blasts will penetrate through soft blocks. Exclusive to Normal Mode.

Remocon / リモコン

Bombs are now remote-controlled, and can be detonated at will. Exclusive to Normal Mode.

Wall Pass

Allows you to walk through soft blocks.Exclusive to Normal Mode.

Bomb Pass

Allows you to walk through bombs.Exclusive to Normal Mode.


Adds 30 seconds to the timer.Exclusive to Normal Mode.

Egg (タマゴ)

Spawns a creature that Bomberman can ride. See Eggs section for details.

Skull / ドクロ

Exclusive to Battle Mode. Curses the player with a random hindering ailment. Touching another player can spread the curse. The curses include:

Collecting an egg will spawn a creature for the player to ride on. Each creature has a unique trait, whether it be a special ability or just how fast they move (see below for details and button commands). The creature also serves as an extra hit-point; if the creature is defeated, the player will still be alive and gain a short period of temporary invincibility.

Eggs come in organic and mechanical flavours. If you are riding a creature, you can tow up to two eggs of the same type behind you. If your current creature dies, you will automatically hop on one of your spare eggs. The towed eggs are invincible to enemy collisions, but can still be destroyed by bomb blasts.
In Normal Mode, eggs only spawn from specific enemies when defeated (see the World pages under Normal Mode). In Battle Mode, eggs can be found in soft blocks like any other item.

Dachon / ダチョン

An owl-like creature. This creature moves at the fastest possible speed.
"Dachou" (だちょう) is Japanese for "ostrich."

Torisan / トリさん

A large blue bird with no legs. Positioning the creature next to a bomb and pressing the B Button will launch the bomb into the air and onto a random position on the map.
Tori (とり) is Japanese for "bird." "San" (さん) is a general Japanese honorific for someone of the same social status, and can be translated as "Mr." or "Mrs." A literal translation of the name would be "Mr. Bird."

Ombu / オンブー

An indistinct cartoon creature. Moves at the slowest possible speed.
"Ombu" (負んぶ) means "carrying on one's back", like carrying a child on your shoulders. Doesn't give us clues to what this thing is meant to be.

Tamagon / タマゴン

A floating egg with eyes. Pressing the B Button will destroy all soft blocks on the map, at the expense of the creature's life. Only available in Battle Mode.
"Tamago" (たまご) is Japanese for "egg".

Baketama / バケタマ

Touching a bomb will disguise it as a soft block.
The creature's name is a portmanteau of baketama (ばける, for "ghost") and tama (たま, for "sphere").

Dokyuun / ドキューン

A cartoon bullet with eyes and arms. Pressing the B Button will make it do a kamikaze attack. The player character will be thrown off it while Dokyuun flies forward at maximum speed and will detonate on impact with anything. Its explosion will have the same blast range as the amount of Fire Ups you currently have.
"Dokyuu" (どきゅう) is Japanese for "dreadnought".

Gaikottsu / ガイコッツー

A horned skull with a red glow emanating from its eye sockets. Touching any other character will curse them, as if they had picked up a Skull item. Only available in Battle Mode.
"Gaikotsu" (がいこつ) is Japanese for "skeleton".

Charge / チャージ

Holding the B Button will make the creature charge at maximum speed in random directions.
If you want to be pedantic, the Katakana is literally pronounced "chaa-ji", but it's listed as a recognised translation for the English word "charge."

Nucha / ヌチャ

A blue jellyfish with green tentacles. Can move through soft blocks.
The significance of the name is lost on me. The best I can think of is "nuchal", which refers to the back of the neck. Some deep-sea creatures have a nuchal tentacle, though I don't know of any jellyfish that have one (... do jellyfish have necks?)

Ridge-Razor / リッジレザー

A green spherical thing. Pushing the B Button will make it dash forward.

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