Neo Bomberman


In-game artwork (Battle Mode)

In-game artwork (Normal Mode)

(see the story section for the story scene artwork)

Cabinet artwork

Cropped from the cabinet materials. None of the artwork has been touched up in any way, so quality is low and there's bits of text and whatnot visible on some of the images.

This music was recorded using Kawaks' built-in jukebox and sound record functions.

Title Screen

size: 745kb / time: 0:37

How To Play

size: 836kb / time: 0:42

Choose the game mode!

size: 744kb / time: 0:37

Stage 1

size: 1.65mb / time: 1:26

Stage 2

size: 1.7mb / time: 1:30

Stage 3

size: 1.45mb / time: 0:16

Stage 4

size: 1.55mb / time: 0:16

Stage 5

size: 992mb / time: 1:21

Hurry Up!

size: 390kb / time: 0:19

Boss 1, 2 & 4

size: 1mb / time: 0:53

Boss 3

size: 968kb / time: 0:49

Final Boss

size: 1.3mb / time: 1:08

Stage Clear! 1

size: 99kb / time: 0:04

Stage Clear! 2

size: 105kb / time: 0:05

Stage Clear! 3

size: 127kb / time: 0:06

Stage Clear! 4

size: 92kb / time: 0:04

Bagura intro

size: 622kb / time: 0:31


size: 378kb / time: 0:19


size: 486kb / time: 0:24

Story intro

size: 757kb / time: 0:38

Story scene

size: 241kb / time: 0:12

Staff Roll

size: 1.1mb / time: 0:57

Battle 1 & 4

size: 1.36mb / time: 1:11

Battle 2 & 3

size: 1.62mb / time: 1:24


size: 325kb / time: 0:16

Draw Game!

size: 435kb / time: 0:22

Staff Roll (Battle)

size: 1.1mb / time: 0:58


size: 590kb / time: 0:30

A New Intruder!

size: 594kb / time: 0:30

Game Over

size: 541kb / time: 0:27

[unknown / unused 1]

size: 542kb / time: 0:27

[unknown / unused 2]

size: 93kb / time: 0:04

Japanese - American
Upon booting up, the Japanese version features an English screen about where the game can be legally distributed. The American version includes a Winners Don't Use Drugs message instead.

Japanese - American
The Japanese version uses vertical text for the mode buttons, and can display a description of both on the same screen. The English/European version uses graphical icons, and displays the description of what mode is currently highlighted.

Unused graphics

All of this was found via Kawaks tile viewer, though due to the cumbersome nature of finding colours, none of the palettes are correct. Thanks to Dark Zaphe for making a number of these discoveries.

Unused items. The first two are a burger and ice cream, which were presumably points items. I'm not surprised the heart wasn't used, since it would have lessened the difficulty, which is practically sacrilege for a coin-gobbling arcade game. I assume the last is an extra life, which would have been very generous.

A Louie? I can't find a fitting green palette, but it sure looks like one and even has all the necessary animation to functionally work. It just isn't used. Pity.

What appears to be a Louie with a beret and a paint can. Presumably used on a menu screen.

Some crudely drawn Bombermen, presumably for menu screens.

A large pause graphic; this likely would have been used in console mode. Instead, the "pause" text is displayed on-screen using the generic default font.

This font is used for the "continue" text upon losing all your lives, but also features every other letter of the alphabet, although they aren't used.

An unused level complete image. I assume it would be for a lacklustre performance, but who can tell.

A large image of Atomic Bomber, using a preliminary character design. This sprite is located near the stadium interior (used for the intro movie scene and the Battle Mode victory screen). What that implies is beyond me.

An unused title logo? Now I've seen everything!

Pretty Bomber! She's found alongside a repeat of the Mr. Bird creature (the one she's seen riding in the final movie scenes) and sprites of Bomberman looking jolly, which makes it look like it was to be used in a movie scene of some sort. She only has those four frames plus three more of her facing diagonally, and none of her standing, so she certainly wasn't playable.

Unused battle icons! These feature neutral, successful and failure emotions, whereas all icons in battle mode are expressionless (and not to this kind of detail).
Notably it includes Pretty Bomber, who otherwise only appears in movie scenes (the sprites above are the only in-game representation of her), two designs of Cat Bomber, an early design of Hayate Bomber (he's missing the red headband and has a regular face rather than glowing eyes), a samurai Bomberman who doesn't appear in the game, two takes on Atomic Bomber (one with pupils and one without), and a knight Bomberman (who looks similar to Hero Bomber from the ending of Pocket Bomberman, which wasn't released by the time this came out). Interesting.
The palettes for Pretty Bomber and Cat Bomber were modified for clarity.

Atomic Bomber's victory icon using the finalised style seen in-game, though he's missing his pupils.


Unused music

In addition, there are a couple of unused music tracks in the game. The first one (listed as 0722 in Kawaks' jukebox feature) is a short, downbeat song that loops at the 15 second mark. The second one (found at 0734 in the jukebox) is a short ditty that sounds like it belongs after a Battle Mode match, or even at the end of the Continue countdown.

The game's music seems to be utilised rather clumsily at times - there are a number of tracks that are heard for only a very brief instance before it goes to a new screen.

Screenshots can be found on this page!
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