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ONM Remembered – #195

“… the fact that a digital TV company and a games publisher are teaming up, could well be the first step towards buying your games via interactive TV.”

from N64 Magazine issue 17 (July 1998)

Some amusing little news snippets from the age of tie-dye dinosaurs. The strange and elusive Donkey Kong cartoon! Rumblings of a TV channel
dedicated to games! And PAUL’S PLANT!!!
(I will confess I’m resorting to artificial excitement a lot these days, but I swear on my grave I am never unenthusiastic when it comes to Paul’s Plant)

I was ready to assume this gaming channel was yet another news story that garnered coverage in the game rags (and game sites, it seems), but never actually amounted to anything. After a quick goosey, it turns out this project developed into Game One, a French TV station for video game coverage and anime, and it’s still ongoing. I’m sure back in the day this was a real treat to every dorky nerd who had the appropriate television subscription to receive it, but nowadays it seems the equivalent of browsing YouTube’s gaming content without having to click any links… which I’m almost surprised they haven’t used as a marketing point.

I mentioned Paul’s Plant once before, but have shockingly few scans of it. Filling up empty space in whatever sidebar needed filling up, it followed the growth of designer Paul Jarrold’s potted plant. Judging by this entry, it seems readers could express their support for the plant by sending in compost and other gubbins for it. You can do it, Paul’s Plant!

As for Donkey Kong Country? That show is still a mystery to me. I prefer to keep it that way.

Also on the same page was this announcement for Capcom’s Magical Disney Tetris Disappointment, with the claim that the company was concerned with being too violent. No quote, unfortunately, but it’s the closest follow-up I have to that one entry from yonks ago. Don’t wanna leave those threads hangin’!