It don’t take any fuel ’cause the rocket’s in my pocket

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Bloop. Some updates! There’s Games I Own reviews, some music, a couple of sprites, and a Bomberman update that could’ve been a lot more substantial if I had the patience to work on it. Recapping a game’s content in a blank, encyclopaedic manner only has its kicks for so long. Sometime!

Earlier in the month I watched all of the Sonic the Hedgehog cartoon on Netflix – the one with Sally and Rotor and all those fellas. I was surprised to discover that I’d only ever seen three episodes when I was a young ‘un; I was almost sure I’d seen more, but I guess when those three episodes were rewatched repeatedly on tape, it feels like I saw more. Probably the same situation with Dino Babies – I’m sure I saw a bunch of those, but it was probably only three or four episodes over and over again on tape.
(speaking of Dino Babies, I’d love to cover some of it on Random Action Hour – especially the episode where everyone rides on a big boat and there’s two characters called Dick and Butt. No, seriously, they show up just for that episode and I can’t even remember what they do, but they introduce themselves by saying, “Hi, my name’s Dick. This is Butt.” Keep it classy, 1990s!)

I might give it a more in-depth ramble another time, but my basic thoughts after watching it were that I was more interested in the basic premise and concept of the series than the actual content. You’ve got a planet of animals conquered by a human and his robot army, who’s roboticised a good chunk of the landscape and population, and in all manner of places exist small pockets of freedom fighters. There’s weird, unearthly environments inhabited by strange creatures, and there’s a nature vs. technology theme going on, but not for one of the two to win, but for a peaceful balance of the two. I just think it’s a pretty great concept.

I just wasn’t dying about the actual content. The first series had some decent drama and ambiance, and the second series had more emphasis on fun (and the pilot really emphasised the goofy whimsical nature, though it kinda diluted any of the sinister atmosphere of the setting), but I just never really got into any of the characters or stories. Robotnik was cool, but in an unfortunate Boba Fett way – he looked and sounded cool, but what did he actually do that was villainous or worthy of coolness? On-screen, I mean. The heroes were okay, but weren’t really developed to the extent that I really liked any of them – some were underused, and some were just plain bad to begin with (Antoine’s comic relief was pretty wretched, sorry).

I guess what finally sunk my feelings on the series is the rather lacklustre finale. Robotnik has unleashed a type of robot that will either destroy the remainder of the world or roboticise it or something nasty! The various freedom fighter groups from across the planet band together to take him down! What seems like a suitably dramatic finale is then turned into yet another “it’s up to Sonic and Sally!” scenario we’ve seen a million times.
They do take down Robotnik, but not through something fulfilling like character development or their own ingenuity and cunning – they use the power of some magic MacGuffins they’d found in an earlier episode that gives them the power to literally wipe out Robotropolis in one fell swoop. Not only is it astoundingly unrewarding, but it gives the impression that the whole time their battle strategy was just to maintain the status quo until they found a plot device. I could rant on the final episode alone for several more paragraphs if I could be bothered.

It was neat to see the episodes I’d first seen so many years ago, and I do love soaking in the series’ atmosphere and world-building, but I didn’t get much else out of it. At this rate, will there be anything left in the Sonic franchise that I still like? Only time will tell!

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  • I haven’t seen that Sonic cartoon in years, and all I can remember about it is that at the end of one episode, Snively was going to team up with some other bad guy who I thought was Metal Sonic. Then I found out it wasn’t meant to be Metal Sonic, and no other series was made. Not sure if that was a bad thing or not judging from your thoughts on it!

    P.S. that “Track 28” in GB SFII is part of Chun Li’s ending theme: E Chun-Li 2.mp3

    And “Inclined Repose of Souls” is from the credits sequence of CotM.

  • MightyKombat says:

    Do they have any anime on Netflix at the moment?

  • Ragey says:

    RQ87: Yeah, that and the ending of another episode where a shadow moves along a wall in Robotropolis are one of the few memories I have of the series outside of the episodes I’d taped – I thought it was Knuckles, but nope, apparently the eyes belonged to some wizard dude the heroes encountered in an earlier episode.
    (which is another of my beefs – the heroes all have a personal score to settle with Robotnik, but what interaction have they had with Snively or the wizard? I can’t imagine the two making terribly compelling villains, though more screentime for Snively wouldn’t go amiss)
    Also thanks for the music corrections, I’ll fix them up come the next update.

    MK: There’s only about twenty anime listings, stuff like Macross, Gurren Lagann, Ghost in the Shell, and so on; mostly movies. Nothing too engaging.

  • MightyKombat says:

    Is Full MEtal Panic on Netflix at the moment?

  • Wes says:

    Admittedly, I’m more interested in this Dino Babies business. What the heck is Dino Babies?!? They actually look familiar from the googlin’, but I am confident that I have never seen this show before. So I guess I’m saying you have my vote for some RAH Dino Babies discussion.

    (Also, Rule #34 is apparently in full effect EVEN WITH RESPECT TO CARTOON INFANT DINOSAURS.)

  • MightyKombat says:

    Rule 34 is a sick shit.

    Anyway they’ve got NEtflix on teh Wii now but you gotta sign up credit card stuff and I’m not into that.

  • Ragey says:

    I totally wish I still had my ol’ tapes of it, but basically Dino Babies was just kid dinosaurs going on kid adventures. Telling bedtime stories, sailing down rivers, getting paranoid about earthquakes, surviving an invasion of reptile-eating plants; pretty standard fare. Yeah, those were actual episode plots as far as I recall! I honestly can’t remember any of the characters well besides the paranoid dweeb and the pteradactyl voiced by Scott McNeil.

    The fact people are Rule 34in’ Dino Babies doesn’t surprise me at this point. I kinda miss being offended at things like that!

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