My sprite rips can also be found on the Mario Fan Games Galaxy and The Spriter's Resource, and some of my old stuff is still on Sprites Inc. and Sprite Database apparently.

last updated: 2023 / Oct / 06
The whole dang section's been updated, with eleven years of backlog finally added; see the glowies below for what's new. Some sheets have been updated, some have been removed for being crap and surpassed by stuff on The Spriter's Resource.

How can I rip sprites?

I've got a whole section on that very topic! There's a lot of ways to do it, and it varies depending on the game or platform you're ripping from. For games that require a more technical solution, I try to include notes in this section.

Can I request a sprite rip?
Can you help me rip sprites?

Feel free to ask, though please be aware that sprite-ripping is not my day job, and I am very likely to sit on a request for years at a time until the motivation strikes. I juggle a lot of projects, and I'm lazy!

I can take a look at a game and offer some pointers if I haven't the time or energy to be more in-depth, but the point of the aforementioned page is to show folks the skills to do it themselves...!

What are the terms of use?

Use them however you please! Some sheets are very old and may have conflicting messaging on them (or old outdated URLs), but don't pay attention to old me.

It'd be nice to know where they're being used, or have an acknowledgment of this page so folks know where to find out more, but I'm not too fussed. So long as folks are appreciating them and finding a use for them!

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