Diddy Kong Pilot

Game Boy Advance

Donkey Kong Diddy Kong Dixie Kong Cranky Kong Kritter K. Rool
From the 2001 build. Ripped by memory editing to swap sprites and change animations while paused; see notes.
Only includes largest sprites, is missing zoomed-out sizes.

Donkey Kong Diddy Kong Dixie Kong Funky Kong K. Rool Kritter Klump Klaptrap Cranky Kong
From the 2003 build. Ripped by memory editing to swap sprites and change animations while paused; see notes.

Donkey Kong Diddy Kong Dixie Kong Funky Kong[1] Cranky Kong Mario Peach Toad Yoshi[1] Wario Bowser[1] K.Rool
Leftovers from the Spaceworld 2001 demo, from the 2001 build; see notes.

[1] Incorrectly 'green-screened', meaning their sprite uses colours belonging to the background transparency. This fault is in the game data itself.

Dr. Mario 64

Nintendo 64

Hammer-Bot Helio Lump Mad Scienstein Octo Rudy the Clown Silky Webber

Game & Watch Gallery 2ゲームボーイギャラリー2

Game Boy

Ball (Wario)

Game & Watch Gallery 4ゲームボーイギャラリー4

Game Boy Advance

Donkey Kong 3 Donkey Kong Jr. Fire Fire Attack Mario Bros. Mario's Cement Factory Rain Shower

Mario Bros.マリオブラザーズ

Game Boy Advance

Bowser & enemies

Mario Clashマリオクラッシュ

Virtual Boy


Mario GolfマリオゴルフGB

Game Boy

overworld characters golfers[1]
[1] Only includes Mario characters. Includes Yoshi, Peach and Spike/Blackey from Mobile Golf, though with guessed palettes and no mugshots.

Mario Golf: Advance Tourマリオゴルフ GBAツアー

Game Boy Advance

overworld characters
Ripped via memory editing to change animations; see notes.

Mario Kart 64マリオカート64

Nintendo 64

Boo items Monty Mole

Mario Kart DSマリオカートDS

Nintendo DS

items mugshots

Mario & Luigi:マリオ&ルイージRPG
Superstar Saga

Game Boy Advance

Mario (fat) Queen Bean
Bowletta (battle) Bowser (battle) Cackletta Ghost (battle) Dragonhoho (battle) Fawful (battle) Hoohooros (battle) Queen Bean (battle) Tolstar (battle)
Though my rips were from gameplay or tile data, there is a means of sprite-swapping via memory editing; see notes.

Mario Tennisマリオテニス

Nintendo 64

mugshots 1/2 mugshots 2/2

Game Boy

Baby Mario Bowser Donkey Kong Luigi Mario Peach Waluigi Wario Yoshi A. Coz Alex Allie BCoz Beth Bob Brian Curt Elden Emily Fay Harry Joy Kate Kevin Mark Nina Pam Sammi Sean Spike tennis ball machine
overworld characters maps
Credit to Machow8 for help with palettes.

Mario Tennis: Power Tourマリオテニスアドバンス

Game Boy Advance

Mario Luigi overworld characters
Ripped via memory editing to change animations; see notes.

Mario & Yoshiヨッシーのたまご

Game Boy

all graphics

New Super Mario Bros.New スーパーマリオブラザーズ

Nintendo DS

Koopa Troopa
Balloon Racing Coincentration unused mugshots

Super Mario 64 DSスーパーマリオ64DS

Nintendo DS

cards Coincentration Toy Box Shuffle

Super Mario All-Starsスーパーマリオコレクション


Peach (SMB1) Battle Mode (SMB3)

Super Mario Kartスーパーマリオカート


items / obstacles

Super Mario Land 2:スーパーマリオランド2 6つの金貨
6 Golden Coins

Game Boy

Mario Wario & enemies

Super Mario RPGスーパーマリオRPG


Bowser Geno Mallow Peach
Ripped using the debug menu.

Super Princess Peachスーパー プリンセスピーチ

Princess Peach items & allies intro sprites Peach (preliminary)
Toad Jump Toad Shot Toad Tote
Petey Piranha Hoo Gooper Blooper Wiggler King Boo Giant Kamek Blizzarus Hammer Bro Army Bowser 1/2 Bowser 2/2
Iggy Koopa Ludwig Von Koopa Lemmy Koopa Morton Koopa Roy Koopa Wendy O. Koopa Larry Koopa
enemies 01~31[1] enemies 01~31[1] enemies 32~56[1] enemies 57~79[1]

[1] Possibly missing ancillary stuff like effects, emotion sprites, etc.

Super Smash Bros.ニンテンドウオールスター!大乱闘スマッシュブラザーズ

Nintendo 64

Probably missing transparency.

Virtual Boy Wario Landバーチャルボーイ ワリオランド アワゾンの秘宝

Wario (backdrop)

Wario Land 4ワリオランド4

Wario (fat) Wario (map)[1]
[1] Also includes sprites from Wario Land 1, 2 and 3.

Wario's Woodsワリオの森

Aqualea Carlton Dedar Galrog Harley Q Harry H Katsini Lizardon Mangylox Mssr Boo Parrotor Razor SamS pook Sarissa Sven Tad Rock Thag Toad Wario
monsters RoundGameMap

Yoshi's Cookieヨッシーのクッキー

Game Boy

Bowser & Peach

Yoshi's Island DSヨッシーアイランドDS

Nintendo DS

Yoshi Baby Mario Baby Peach Baby Donkey Kong Baby Wario Baby Bowser (Yoshi's back) Kangaroo mini-game characters
Big Bungee Piranha Moltz The Very Goonie Priscilla The Peckish Six Face Sal
Event 1 Event 2 Event 2 EX Event 3 Event 4 Event 5 Event 6 Event 7 Event 8 Event 9 Event 10 Event 11 Event 12 Event 12 B Event "Chuukan"

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