Scene 3 - 'Challenge from the Bottom of the Sea'


The first wave of enemies will be two regulars and a gunner, and the second is the same with a third regular added; however, they can be tricky thanks to the limited amount of space you have to move, though jumping attacks can be handy as long as you don't land yourself in a pickle. Wizard will start attacking, who can shoot lasers, throw four discs at once and flying punch you. Again, stick with your airborne moves.


Submariner will show you where the baddies are, resulting in another shooter segment. There are mines that follow you, more enemies that shoot, and some that can fire in three directions at once, as well as electric eels. You'll eventually come face to face with a robotic squid, named Mech. Taco for whatever reason. It will flail its tentacles around slowly in hopes of catching and garrotting you, as well as shoot five stacked lasers at once that zoom ahead one after the other. Once you know where the lasers are, it'll be a snap.


After entering a tube, you'll face up against five gunners and a regular robot, and the next wave includes two extending fist robots, a muscular bot and five regulars. Quicksilver will leave you another 20HP item, and there are a number of missiles just sitting about, so if you're struggling, you know what to consult.

Mandarin will welcome you to die, and go crazy with his freeze rays, fire sprays as well as the typical punches. He can also zoom around the room and stop to send a clone at you, both of these can knock you down with collision. Since he can do so whenever he wants, staying close to him with physical attacks can be difficult, but try and get in the punch combo whenever you can without getting yourself too injured, and projectile him from above when he goes zooming.

After the fight, our heroes find Red Skull's base and his plans to build a laser on the moon, meaning the destruction of the whole world, America included. Oh snap!