Scene 2 - 'Target Town'


Starting off against two regular robots, a shield user and two gunners is an excellent way to start the day. With them out of the way, you'll start the flying segment! There really isn't much to it. Three variations of strategy impaired enemies, some robot-deploying crafts that need disposing of, and a W icon that will provide you with the assistance of Wasp, who is ridiculously overpowered.


You'll shortly face up against a Giant Robot, although it's quite clearly a Sentinel. He begins by waving his arms around which are easily avoided, but when he starts spraying lasers and shooting his fists, things can get tricky. It doesn't help that Wasp usually abandons you at this point, so the best thing to do is just keep on the move, while not getting yourself in the range of his swaying arms and just keep blasting his face.

After its taken care of, you'll get to ground level and face up against two extending fists, two gunners, a shield user and muscular man; and after that, two beetles, two airships, and three regulars. There are a number of barrels to go around and Quicksilver drops you a 20HP item, so that's good.


The boss battle will begin, today's villain being Grim Reaper. He's more agile than Whirlwind, and with his multi-purpose scythe that can be used as a shield, fireball shooter, a propeller and hero slicer, he can be quite frustrating. However, he takes a few seconds to do any of those things, so try and knock him down every time he gets up, and use your projectiles at every opportunity.

After Grim Reaper regains consciousness, he claims he was brainwashed to fight The Avengers to the death by Red Skull. The thing is, the game says this like it's something beyond belief. He's a supervillain, not Mother Teresa.