Scene 4 - 'The Giant Laser Cannon'


Upon entering the space station, you are greeted by two muscular robots, as well as four green robots, who act like the regular ones except they kick. The next wave has more of the greenies, plus two gunners, two airships and a purple, which are the new extending fists. There are a fair number of computers to throw at them, thankfully.


Of all people, the Juggernaut shows up, sporting a large red eye instead of a face. He loves to roll all over the place, as well as punch, shoulder charge and prevent you from getting up, so begin by hitting him with all the computer banks and then hitting him with projectiles from the 'bove.

You'll face two muscular bots, two beetles, a shield user and number of greens after him, and more of them plus two gunners and Quicksilver with another 20HP item in the next wave.


Ultron is the stage boss, and can punch, shoot lasers both forward in into the air to rain down at you, plus a flying charge. I found doing a running attack and then punching him from behind worked pretty good, up until he started charging all over the place, where I just stuck with projectiles. His charge is the only effective attack, so just keep your eyes peeled for that.

Be quick on your toes, Avengers, the laser cannon is complete!