Scene 1 - 'The Avengers'


After The Avengers rush onto the scene, three robots will bust out of the windows, and they should be fairly easy to take out, although if you just cannot stand it, there are a number of stones on the ground equal to the amount of players. Move on ahead and you'll face four robots: A regular one, a shield user, a gun toting bot, and a robot with an extending fist that can squeeze you. Those last two are the most dangerous, so try and take them out first.


Whirlwind will bust out of the bank with a large sack of stolen cash, but you won't fight him just yet, as Living Laser and Klaw are here for a distraction. Living Laser, as the name suggests, can shoot lasers that knock you down, while Klaw deploys a pink purple fist to crush you, and also uses a purple laser in their team-up attack. Try and take out one of them first, as they can gang up against you quite effectively, though they shouldn't be too difficult.

Up ahead are four more regular robots, plus a shield and gunner, as well as Quicksilver to give you a 20HP recovery item. You'll see Whirlwind again, who leaves you to fend with two airship robots, two beetles and two muscular things before you fight him.


Although there are lots of barrels littering the arena, be quick to use them, otherwise Whirlwind will suck them up and hurl them at you. Despite his name, he spends most of the time jogging after you in hopes of connecting a punch or kick with your face, although he still can whisk around the place, all of his attacks easily avoidable with some jumping.

The victory is short-lived, as this was all a set-up! Other cities are being taken over. Dag.