Saturn Bomberman Fight!!


Title (Japanese)

Saturn Bomberman Fight!!


SEGA Saturn


Battle (defeat all enemies)


1 to 4 (battle)


Hudson Soft


Hudson Soft (Japan)


11 December 1997 (JP)

Japanese box (disc / front / back)

Every four years, a tournament is held to declare which of its competitors is a true Bomber warrior, and to grant the victor their greatest desires. White Bomber, Black Bomber and twelve other contestants flock to it, all fighting to have their wish come true, but waiting at the end of the tournament is the vain but powerful goddess of hope, Deral!

The second-ever 3D Bomberman game; while Baku Bomberman explored the puzzle-based adventure genre, Saturn Bomberman Fight!! is the same grid-based battle game we're all familiar with, but with a few new twists. Now viewed from an isometric perspective, characters and bombs are no longer bound to the ground - players can jump and double-jump, bombs can be thrown, and arenas are designed with slopes, pits and verticality in mind!
Each character has different traits for the likes of movement speed, kicking power, and even how much health they have - yes, health! No longer one-hit-kills, bomb blasts now drain a player's health bar, giving you more than one chance to survive. Don't think it makes the game any easier, though; with the emphasis on mystery status affects and screen-filling Super Deca-Bomb, it only gets even more chaotic!

Although there's no proper single-player adventure (all modes are centred around the Battle Mode), there is a Story Mode where you can only not only play as White and Black Bomber, but nemeses such as Golem Bomber and Baguro, lowly grunts like Pegi, and a bevy of new original characters - 15 in total, all with their own fully-voiced story! It's not the follow-up to Saturn Bomberman we may have been expecting, but it's a unique spin on the old traditions and full of silly fanservice.

The four newly introduced female characters make cameo appearances in Bomberman Quest.

Takahashi Shoten published a guidebook for this game.

This game's soundtrack was included in Bomberman Selection '98, along with Bomberman World's music.

Soft toys were made of the game's playable characters.

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