ONM Remembered – #390

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“If you like the chunky feel of an arcade stick then this is for you.”

from Official Nintendo Magazine issue 119 (August 2002)

A colourful collection of GameCube gadgets, including an arcade fightstick (for what fighting games?!?), a flight stick (for what flight sims!?!), and – get this – a sensor-controlled mat made exclusively for football games. At first it sounded like the perfect device for pals who are too drunk to even hold a controller properly, but it has no means of recognising the stick so it’s still close to useless. I’d love to see it used in one of Mario Party 4‘s button-bashing minigames, though.

Also, man, the fact the GameCube was obscenely portable is never appreciated enough (no matter how many people actually do appreciate it – APPRECIATE HARDER). Of all the bizarre cottage industries to exist, the gaming-in-the-backseat-of-a-car one really got catered to during this era.

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