ONM Remembered – #346

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“Poo is huge in Japan.”

from Official Nintendo Magazine issue 64 (January 1998)

We caught a glimpse of these way back in ONM Remembered #129, showcasing the Top 5 Japanese Sweets. Issue 64 cast on a spotlight on a variety of tat from Japan alongside its Space World 97 coverage, and gosh darn if it wasn’t more exciting than the games!
Before cynical internet articles made laughing at foreign commodities an easy paycheck, this was a real treat – look at all the weird stuff we’re missing out on! Video game soundtracks on CD! Bean bags and keychains of familiar characters! A fixation on rectums and faeces! (it’s like Doggie Doo all over again!) Never mind that such trinkets would quickly be forgotten or taken for granted – what use do you really have for an origami Eevee? – seeing something on a page always makes me hunger for it.

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