ONM Remembered – #329

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“If you want lizards, wait for Yoshi.”

from 64 Magazine volume 10 (1998)

Chameleon Twist is one of those games I got a disproportionate amount of joy out of when I was a kid – I mean, a game as “okay” as this should not have given me so much fun! – but offers very little upon returning to it. The concept is nifty and the visuals are dopey and charming, but it just ain’t that exciting to play. I haven’t had a chance to revisit the Battle Mode, mind you, and I’m hoping it was just as stupidly fun as it was back then. It might have just been because my pals never stopped singing Karma Chameleon during every match, mind you, but don’t let me down, Chameleon Twist!
(fun fact: the reason i didn’t get Chameleon Twist 2 was because I hated that they actually looked like chameleons in that game. talk about a swerve!)

I was also about to comment on where they got the “collecting carrots” part from, but then I was reminded that the Japanese version actually has a bunch more content than the international versions. Crap, I guess I do have a reason to try the game again!

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