ONM Remembered – #325

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“21: The number of days before the premiere of Pokémon when Ash’s sidekick, Clefairy, was replaced by Pikachu.”

from Official Nintendo Magazine issue 116 (May 2002)

Spider-Man turned out to be a rather blah game, but man did it have some strange features. Playing as the Green Goblin! Cryptic messages in the clouds! A totally joyless stealth system! Had the game actually gathered a following I’d like to think people would still be talking about its oddities to this day… but instead I’m pondering them by myself. Oh well.

The page also features yet another Nintendo By Numbers feature full of boring statistics, except for the first one. Where on earth did they source that from?! Clefairy was once the mascot of Pokémon!?
(Bulbapedia credits this factoid to two unofficial English books both released after this issue saw publication… so, what, did ONM squeeze this out of Satoshi Tajiri during one of their visits to Japan? I need someone to blame for the over-saturation of Pikachu!)

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