ONM Remembered – #290

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“New bumpers, a roof spoiler and sidetrims were added before they were doused in purple paint to create the authentic GameCube look.”

from Official Nintendo Magazine issue 121 (October 2002)

Now this is a strange vanity project: how would you like a Citreon Saxo with a GameCube wedged into every possible orifice? Sadly, it’s not something you could win for yourself, but was instead created to be part of a contest that would be spotlighted in subsequent issue (and next week in this column!)
It’s a pity it’s only a two-seater; if it had all five seats and a LAN adaptor you could probably squeeze enough people in for an 8-player game of Mario Kart: Double Dash!! Now that I would love to see.
(failing that, cram enough Smash Bros. players into a phonebooth. not to play Smash Bros. or anything, just for the hell of it)

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