ONM Remembered – #248

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“Downers: Having bugger all beer money because you’ve spent it all down the high street”

from N64 Pro issue 4 (February 1998)

Haha, now this is a bit of a relic: a guide on the various outlets you can buy N64 games and consoles from, the pros and cons of each of them, and how much money you’ll have for booze by the end of it.

N64 Pro received praise in its letters page for feeling like a “grown up” games magazine. Sure, it’d preview Diddy Kong Racing with giddy excitement like all other magazines did, but its approach to writing and its features felt a bit more ‘sensible’ – it’d tell you how nifty or not-nifty a game was, but it would stress if it was worth the money or not. When so many magazines are caught up in the thrill of new games and strange imports, it’s nice to have something a bit down to earth, written for your regular joe or an ordinary parent in mind.

I wonder if you could write two pages out of modern gaming bargins, though. You either wait for the Steam sale, hope your local rental chain hasn’t shut down, or find a misspelled eBay auction and pray nobody else sees it. Never feels as whimsical, does it?

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