ONM Remembered – Pack-In Week, day 7

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“Crumble, you ancient pillars! Feel Fox Power!”

from Lylat Wars Pilot’s Guide (pack-in with Official Nintendo Magazine issue 62, November 1997)

A very general-purpose walkthrough, the kind of surface-level writing ONM was best known for during the late 90s. It’ll give you an inkling of what to do, but it’s too breezy to give you clear advice if you’re stuck or in need of high score pointers.
That said, holy crap, talk about an art gallery! I didn’t even know Star Fox 64 had this many renders made for it! Not just of the team and their vehicles, but enemy machines, items, action shots, vehicle turnarounds… I love it! The vehicular models have only a few more polygons than they do in-game, but the lighting and detailed textures really bring them to life. You can even see Wolf in the cockpit of his Wolfen, assumedly using the same model that’s otherwise only used for his prerendered radio communication graphic. Putting those assets to good use!

That wraps up Pack-In Week. I think I spent more time getting needlessly excited over official artwork than the actual theme, but that’s what happens when I’m not allowed to straight-up raid Nintendo’s archives. Sometime, surely.
ONM Remembered’s usual schedule resumes on January 31st, running every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

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