ONM Remembered – Pack-In Week, day 6

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“Biokinton is an enemy who throws flying chickens at Mario while floating around inside a cloud. Nobody knows what Biokinton looks like behind his cloud, not even Biokinton’s mum.”

from The Complete Mario Encyclopedia (pack-in with Official Nintendo Magazine issue 07, September 2006)

One of the later pack-ins, coming out after ONM had their big mid-2000s shake-up under new management, this was a more appropriate gift for the new millennium: a delightful little encyclopaedia to the Mario universe! Let’s face it, once the internet picked up groundswell there wasn’t much magazines could include on the cheap that seemed worth a damn; it was demo discs or bust.
Still, this is nicely bound and well printed and it’s just like The Mushroom Kingdom’s Mariopedia) except more tightly edited and not horribly unfinished. It’s a breezier read than trying to digest the Mario Wiki, and it has an entry for bloody Biokinton. They should win an award for that inclusion.

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