_人 26才 (推定)
身長 165cm
体重 53kg
B94 / W59 / H89
趣味 逆ナンパヽダンス

Age: 26 (assumed)
Height: 165cm
Weight: 53kg
Bust: 94cm / Waist: 59cm / Hips: 89cm
Hobbies: Flirting, dancing
Birth month: August
Personal Secret Stone:

SOURCE: Arcade attract mode (Japanese)

Perydot / 8 August / Peridot
Wife of Ogust Corandam. Like her husband she has been transformed into a beast but she hasn't lost her human nature and likes to go out at night. Her hobbies are dancing and seduction. She is 26.

SOURCE: PlayStation manual (English)

ペリドート / AUGUST / , 27歳?

SOURCE: Game Boy manual (Japanese)

Perydot / August / Female, 26yrs old
Wife of Ogust Corandam. Like her husband, she has been transformed into a beast, but for some strange reason she seems to have become younger.

SOURCE: Game Boy manual (English)


Ribin Corandum, wife of Ogust and mother of Thyst and Sapphire, was not exactly part of the most wholesome of families to start with. Things did not improve when Ribin's eldest daughter, Sapphire, became a sorceress against her parents' wishes (mentored by the statesman Paz) and transformed her parents into beasts.

While Ogust became some dorky rabbit thing, Ribin's transformation not only turned her into a half-human half-beast, but also appeared to regress her age. Now identified as Peridot, she serves in a seedy basement bar in Forset City.

While By's memory was largely unaffected by the transformation (the only notable exception being that he can't remember his name), Peridot's memory isn't quite as consistent. She doesn't recognise By all, and she only has the vaguest of vague recollection of who Thyst is, yet she's fully aware that Sapphire was her daughter. While By seems desperate to remind his family who he is (but is doomed to fail due to the language barrier), Peridot is a lot less concerned, and seems quite content just mooching around and flirting with any living thing she can find.

Peridot is a flirtacious seductress, or if you prefer to be frank, a sexual predator. She's very keen to flirt her way into the personal space of anyone she meets, and takes pleasure in dominating them in any way she can; either by just making them uncomfortable, stealing their Secret Stones or just flat-out making them into personal slaves. Rald seems to be a popular target for her affections, seemingly because he gets so flustered by her advances. However, she appears to draw the line at Thyst - the young girl is usually uncomfortable and upset in Forset City, and Peridot's motherly tendecies appear to act up, though this does little to comfort her former daughter.


Voiced by Yoko Asada.

Born August 13th.

I don't know if there's a difference between Forset City (where Peridot's bar is) and Forset Town (where Garnet hangs out).

Peridot ends all of her sentences with "~ん" (approx. "~n"); a negative verb ending that indicates casual and informal speech. She also ends most of her sentences with a heart symbol (♥), which usually implies being a total horn-dog.

Her family name is translated differently between the Game Boy and PlayStation versions, but never accurately. If we're keeping up with the gem theme, it should be translated as "Corundum".


Beginner Mode (PSX)

Peridot shows you how to play the game.

Arcade Mode (PSX)

Peridot travels the realm and makes a collection of personal slaves. And collects some Gemstones on the side.

Original Mode (PSX)

Peridot seeks out the affection of every single man on the planet.

Game Boy Color

Peridot seeks out the twelve Gemstones to become more beautiful - and by virtue, win the affection of every single man on the planet.

Attack Pattern

Peridot's block pattern is very similar to Pearl & Dearl's, filling all the rows except for the second row on the left. Since her attack uses only two lines of stones, her attack power is compromised, but chaining multiple attacks can severely punish your enemy.
When facing Peridot as an enemy, you can effectively chip away the garbage blocks if you can sneak the ball into the unfilled row.

SOURCE: Raider's Puchi Carat Jewellery Shop


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