Super Bomberman


Your goal is to destroy all the enemies on the map, and then located the exit warp hidden beneath a random soft block. Every eighth level is a boss battle, a fight against a large enemy that requires multiple hits to defeat. Defeating the boss will allow you to progress to the next world.
There are 6 worlds with 8 levels in each. All levels consist of a single screen - there is no horizontal or vertical scrolling.

A new feature is the ability to play the Normal Mode with a second player, as a 2-player co-operative mode. The second player controls Black Bomberman. The objective remains the same, but with some good teamwork stages and bosses can be cleared in no time at all!

You are given 3 minutes to finish each level, measured by the white blocks on the HUD (it takes roughly 12 seconds for one block to tick down, and there are 15 blocks). If the timer is up, you will lose a life. Losing a life by any means will reset the timer.
Unlike the rest of the Super Bomberman series, the enemies and items are the only thing that is predetermined in each level - the soft block and enemy placements are entirely randomised every time.

Names are from the Japanese manual (well, I assume! As of now I just plucked them from the Japanese Wikipedia article). Names in brackets are from the English manual.

Bomb Up / ボムアップ (Extra Bomb)

Increases bomb stock by 1. Maximum of 10.
Points: 10

Fire Up / ファイアーアップ (Explosion Expander)

Increases bomb blast radius by 1 tile. Maximum of 10.
Points: 200

Speed Up / スピードアップ (Accelerator)

Increases walking speed slightly.
Points: 400

Invincible Suit / 無敵スーツ (Indestructible Armor)

Renders Bomberman invincible to all harm for a set period of time. Exclusive to Normal Game.
Points: 500

1UP (BomberMan)

Grants the player an extra life. Exclusive to Normal Game.
Points: 600

Bomb Pass / 爆弾通過 (Bomb Passer)

Allows the player to walk through bombs. Exclusive to Normal Game.
Points: 700

Wall Pass / 壁通過 (Block Passer)

Allows the player to walk through soft blocks. Exclusive to Normal Game.
Points: 800

Remocon / リモコン (Remote Control)

Bombs can be detonated at any time by pressing the B Button.
Points: 300

Full Fire / フルファイアー (Maximum Explosion)

Increases bomb blast radius by to maximum.
Points: 1000

Penetration Bomb / 貫通爆弾 (Super Bomb)

Bomb blasts will now burn through soft blocks. Exclusive to Normal Game.
Points: 2000

Bomb Kick / ボムキック (Kick)

Walk into a bomb to kick it in that direction. Press the A or X Button to stop it. Kicking a bomb into an enemy counts as damage (the same as a bomb blast) - this is a good trick to be aware of when fighting enemies that require multiple hits.
Points: 3000

Power Glove / パワーグラブ

Stand next to a bomb and punch it (with the Y or L Button to send it flying forward a few tiles.
Points: 4000

Time / タイム

Resets the level timer. Exclusive to Normal Game.
Points: 900

Rice ball / おにぎり

Points item. Exclusive to Normal Game.
Points: 900

Kendama / ケンダマ

Points item. Exclusive to Normal Game.

Cake / ケーキ

Points item. Exclusive to Normal Game.

Ice cream / ソフトクリーム

Points item. Exclusive to Normal Game.
Points: 50000

Apple / リンゴ

Points item. Exclusive to Normal Game.

Ice candy / アイスキャンディー

Points item. Exclusive to Normal Game.
Points: 500

Fire Extinguisher / 消火器

Fills the player's extra lives to the maximum.
Exclusive to Normal Game.

Question / ハテナ (Mystery Item)

Grants a random item. Exclusive to Normal Game.
Points: number of enemies remaining X 1000

Heart / ハート

Allows Bomberman to survive one attack. Exclusive to Normal Game.
Points: 800

Skull / ドクロ

Curses the player with one of several random ailments - the curse wears off after a while, and can be spread to other players by touching them. The curses include:

Points: 2000

The Stages page (for enemy and item data for each world) can be found here!

Your goal is simple - defeat all the other players! Use all your cunning and bomb tricks to outwit the other players and come out on top.
This instalment is surprisingly thin on options. Up to 4 players can participate (either human or computer controlled), and CPU players have 10 levels of difficulty. You can set up to 5 matches.
All matches are 2 minutes long. Once the timer reaches 1 minute, Sudden Death begins: hard blocks will rain in a clockwise formation starting from the bottom-left corner, crushing any player caught beneath them, until only a 9x7 sized arena remains. If the timer expires with players still alive, it is considered a Draw.
There are 12 different stages, each with their own gimmick:

Normal Zone

No gimmick.

Western Zone

No gimmick.

Bomb Zone

Bombs will rain down on random parts of the map.

Jump Zone

Walking on a spring pad will bounce the player into the air - how far forward they land can be adjusted by pressing the D-Pad.

Belt Zone

A conveyor belt lies in the centre of the room, and will move players and bombs alike in a clockwise motion.

Tunnel Zone

Players and bombs can be hidden from view by going inside the tunnels.

Duel Zone

All items are found on the outside of the arena; no items are found inside the soft blocks.

Flower Zone

Non-player Bombermen on lawnmowers will drive in from the top of the arena - they will pass through players and soft blocks without issue, but any bomb they collide with is pushed off-screen and deactivated.

Light Zone

The arena is dimly-lit. Two spotlights move in random patterns to light up small portions of the arena.

Power Zone

No soft blocks. All players start with # bombs, 12-tile blast radius, Bomb Kick and Power Glove; these items are not dropped when players are killed.

Warp Zone

There are five warp pads that warp you out of another random pad.

Speed Zone

All players start at maximum speed.

Level passwords

1-1: 5555
1-2: 7503
1-3: 5543
1-4: 0513
1-5: 5522
1-6: 7564
1-7: 3535
1-8: 0574
2-1: 0055
2-2: 4005
2-3: 0043
2-4: 5012
2-5: 7024
2-6: 5064
2-7: 0034
2-8: 2072
3-1: 5453
3-2: 7402
3-3: 3444
3-4: 0412
3-5: 2423
3-6: 0464
3-7: 4434
3-8: 0475
4-1: 6154
4-2: 4103
4-3: 7144
4-4: 5114
4-5: 1122
4-6: 4164
4-7: 0135
4-8: 2174
5-1: 5252
5-2: 7204
5-3: 5244
5-4: 6213
5-5: 4224
5-6: 1264
5-7: 3232
5-8: 0273
6-1: 0652
6-2: 3605
6-3: 7645
6-4: 5615
6-5: 7623
6-6: 4665
6-7: 1635
6-8: 2675

Small Bombermen

Entering 5656 as a password will make all the Bombermen microscopic - this applies to both the Normal Game and Battle Mode.

Sound Test

This requires a multi-tap and a controller plugged into the fifth port. Press the R Button on the Player 5 controller at the title screen, and the sound test will appear.

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