Bomberman '94


The goal of each stage is to recover a Spirit Picture fragment, found in a large conspicuous capsule. The capsule (or exit) cannot be opened until all core mechanisms are destroyed. Some core mechanisms are simply on the ground, while some are on the backs of enemies, in which case the enemy needs destroyed first to access it (just stand clear - you can get crushed by the core mechanism if you're standing underneath it!).

Each stage gives you a variable amount of time to complete it in. If the timer runs out, it's the same as losing a life.
Alongside the usual items hidden in soft blocks, there are eggs. Collecting an egg will grant Bomberman a Louie to ride on. See the Louies section for details.

Collecting the Spirit Picture fragment will begin a short end-of-level bonus segment. All soft blocks are transformed into coins worth 500 points each, and you are given 15 seconds to collect them all.
Reaching certain scores will reward you with an extra life (or 1UP). (I've no idea what scores it is, though.)

Stages can be entered in any order you want (except in Mega Bomberman - see regional changes), and you are allowed to revisit stages or areas you have already completed. Revisited stages play exactly the same, but with no core mechanisms - the exit will always be open.
After all stages are complete, a boss is fought. They require multiple hits to defeat. After the boss is defeated, you can progress to the next area.

There are 6 areas with a variable number of stages in each. There are 16 stages in total, some with multiple screens.

Battle Game

Details on the Battle Mode can be found here.

Controls (Bomberman '94)

BUTTON ACTION (gameplay) ACTION (menu)
Direction Pad Move Bomberman. Move selection cursor.
I Button Lay bomb. Use Line Bomb. Accept.
II Button Detonate remote bombs. Stop kicked bomb. Use Louie ability. Cancel.
RUN Button Pause game. Accept.
SELECT Button n/a n/a

Controls (Mega Bomberman)

BUTTON ACTION (gameplay) ACTION (menu)
Direction Pad Move Bomberman. Move selection cursor.
A Button Stop kicked bomb. Detonate remote-controlled bombs. Accept.
B Button Use Louie ability. Cancel.
C Button Lay bomb. Use Line Bomb. Accept.
START Button Pause game. Accept.
For level data, maps and boss hints, see the following pages:

Jammin' Jungle

Vexin' Volcano

Slammin' Sea

Crankin' Castle

Thrashin' Tundra

Final Area

All enemy names without a Japanese name are unofficial descriptors. All data is based on Bomberman '94 - if Mega Bomberman has any differences, it'll be secondary. Enemy placements that aren't immediately visible are my rough estimates; the sometimes the game walls them in and makes my life easy, and sometimes it doesn't.

Details on the Battle Mode can be found here.

Names are from the Japanese manual. Names in brackets are from the Mega Bomberman manual.

Bomb / 爆弾

Allows you to lay one extra bomb.

Fire / ファイヤー (Firepower)

Extends your bomb blast radius by one tile.

Speed Shoes / 快速シューズ (Skates)

Increases walking speed a little. Exclusive to NORMAL GAME.

Down Shoes / ダウンシューズ (Sandals)

Slows your walking speed a little. Exclusive to NORMAL GAME.

Bomb Kick / ボムキック (Bomb Boot)

Allows you to kick bombs. Use the secondary button to stop it.

Line Bomb / ラインボム

Double-tap the bomb button to lay all your bombs forward in the direction you're facing.

Remocon / リモコン (Remote Control)

Bombs can now be detonated at any time with the secondary button. Exclusive to NORMAL GAME.

Wall Pass / 壁通過 (Block)

Allows Bomberman to walk through soft blocks. Exclusive to NORMAL GAME.

Bomb Pass / 爆弾通過

Allows Bomberman to walk through bombs. Exclusive to NORMAL GAME.

Revive / 復活 (Restore)

This heart allows you to take damage without losing a life. Exclusive to NORMAL GAME.


Grants you an extra life. Exclusive to NORMAL GAME.

Clock / 時計

Renders all enemies immobile for ten seconds. Exclusive to NORMAL GAME.

Fireproof Suit / 耐火スーツ (Fire Suit)

Renders Bomberman invincible to bomb blasts for a brief period. Exclusive to NORMAL GAME.

Egg / タマゴ

Stepping on it will grant Bomberman a random Louie.

Skull Item / ドクロアイテム

Exclusive to BATTLE GAME. Any player who collects this is cursed with one of several unpleasant ailments. The curse can be spread to other players by touching them.
The curses include:

Collecting an egg item will make Bomberman hop upon a Louie. They can serve as an extra hit-point - being damaged will kill the Louie and leave Bomberman walking on foot again (in Normal Game there is a brief period of temporary invincibility after a Louie is killed - you get no such privelege in the Battle Game).

Louies come in five varieties, each with a unique ability that is used by pressing the II Button (in Bomberman '94) or the B Button (in Mega Bomberman).
Be aware that Button II is also used for detonating remote-controlled bombs. Just be wary of where you are, where your bombs are, and what your Louie's ability is before pressing - Green Louies have an unfortunate habit of dashing straight into detonated bombs.

Green Louie / グリーンルーイ

Can dash forward at an uncontrollable speed and will only stop upon collision with an object.

Blue Louie / ブルールーイ

Can kick bombs into the air 3 tiles ahead, over soft blocks. It will bounce across blocks until it finds a place to land.

Yellow Louie / イエロールーイ

Can kick soft blocks forward. If a block hits a line of blocks, the last block of that line will also be propelled forward.

Purple Louie / パープルルーイ

Can jump. Press the button to jump straight up, or hold a direction and jump to leap two tiles forward, over soft blocks and bombs. If you know the timing, this is a guaranteed game breaker (naturally, trying to get a CPU-controlled opponent off one of these can be a nightmare).

Pink Louie / ピンクルーイ

It can dance.
... no, it doesn't actually accomplish anything.

Sound Room

As far as I'm aware, this only works in Bomberman '94.
At the title screen, quickly press:
Right, Left, Down-Left, Down, Down-Right, and Button II.
(or if you're more familiar with fighting game terminology - Right, half-circle forward, then Button II)
You will be warped to the Sound Room, where you can listen to all music and sound effects in the game... all with Engrish-y titles! The Louies and enemies all dance to the music, cutely enough.

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