Bomberman '94

Battle Game

Up to 5 players can take part in the battle (4 in Mega Bomberman), controlled by either human player or the computer. There's an option to split the players into two teams, and you can choose how many victories are necessary to determine the victor - from 1 to 5.
The timer cannot be modified and is always fixed at 3 minutes per round. Sudden death begins at the one minute mark; hard blocks will rain dowm clockwise from the top-left corner until only a 9 by 7 tile patch in the middle is left.


There are nine varieties of Bomberman in multi-player mode, though they offer no changes or perks - they only look different. As computer-controlled opponents their AI usually has specific goals or play styles, which are mentioned in the manual descriptions below (quoted from the Mega Bomberman manual).

Bomberman / ボンバーマン
Balanced offense and defense.

Bomber Lady / ボンバーレデイー
Holds back on offense, but don't underestimate her.

Bonkii / ボンキー (Kamikaze Bomber)
Sets bombs everywhere he can without regard to his own life.

Bonji / ボンジー (Grampa Bomber)
Weak offense, but strong and stubborn defense.

Debon / デボン (Big Bomber)
Rushes to find and grab all the items he can.

Chobi Bon / チョビボン (Tiny Bomber)
Moves rapidly and likes sudden ambushes.

Gakubon / ガクボン (Bookworm)
A cunning strategist with strong offense and defense.

Bonsaber / ボンセイバー (Bonsaver)
A very aggressive character.

Genbaman / ゲンバーマン (Construction Bomber)
Ignores opponents and concentrates on destroying blocks.

English names are from Mega Bomberman.

Standard / スタンダード面

An average no-gimmick level.

Sea Floor / 海底面

An average no-gimmick level. Except this time there's a water ripple filter!

Conveyor Belt / ベルコン面

Two conveyor belts dominate the centre of the stage. The outer belt goes clockwise, the inner belt counter-clockwise.

Forest / 森林面

There are walls surrounding the centre area, emphasising close-quarters combat.

South Pole / 南極面

There are four igloos near each of the corners.
In Mega Bomberman, penguins will periodically shoot a missile onto the field, which can destroy a soft block or stun a player. In addition, placing a bomb inside an igloo will extend that bomb's blast radius to maximum power.

Europe / ヨーロッパ面

The map has twelve directional arrows which will redirect any bomb that is kicked onto them.

Ancient Castle / 古城面

The four trapdoors will teleport you to the next one clockwise.

Magma / マグマ面

There are no soft blocks. Players start with 5 bombs and an 8-tile blast radius.

Lightning Quick / いだてん面 (Idaten Stage)

Players move at maximum speed (the same pace as the ultra-fast Skull status affect).
The Japanese name (in brackets) refers to Skanda, a Buddhist deity who every online dictionary sums up as a "swift-footed guardian deity". How about that.

Bush / ブッシュ面

There are four small ceilings covering portions of the battlefield, making bombs hard to see beneath them.

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