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Toys, keychains, piggy banks, gachapon collectibles... this page is a bit of a catch-all for various merchandise, but if it's shaped like Bomberman or part of a series of collectibles, this is where it'll go!

(src: cb750k069)

A series of super-deformed toy cars by Takara (known in the west as Penny Racers); inserting a coin into the slot on top will generate a charge that propels the car forward.
The Chara Q (キャラQ) subline featured cars with imagery from licensed properties, with release #12 being a Bomberman tie-in: A red and gold 1987 Volkswagen Golf GTI with Super Bomberman 2 imagery emblazoned on the hood, windscreen and sides. Released May 1994 [src] and sold for 350 Yen, alongside other video game tie-ins such as Momotaro Densetsu and Fatal Fury.

Choro Chara Bomberman / チョロキャラボンバーマン

(src: ito-dream)

A series of Super Bomberman 3-branded toys depicting Bomberman riding a Louie, released in June 1995 by Takara and sold for 500 Yen. Pushing down on the Bomberman's head and releasing will cause the toy to speed forward.

01 しろボン&グリーンルーイ
White Bomber & Green Louie
02 くろボン&ブルールーイ
Black Bomber & Blue Louie
03 あおボン&イエロールーイ
Blue Bomber & Yellow Louie

Other releases in the Choro Chara toyline include Nintendo characters Donkey Kong and Kirby.

A line of four piggy banks that play a sound effect when a coin is inserted. Released as prizes in SEGA World arcades in 1997 to tie-in with Saturn Bomberman. Each bank stands approximately 5 inches tall.

White Bomberman

(src: dokugantetsu13)

Black Bomberman

(src: sonkirihayameni)


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Super Tirra

(src: retro_dad)

A tie-in for Baku Bomberman sold through Hudson's Humor Network newsletter in August 1998 [src], though possibly sold in stores too. A little plastic Bomberman (approximately 1.5cm tall) you can attach to your bag, jacket or whatever you want to dangle things from!
Commonly seen with a hoop on their head and a thick thread lanyard from their feet, but also sold in baggies with a keychain clip on their head instead.

Known variants include White, Black, Red and Blue.

Kira Kira Bomber (キラキラボンバー, or Sparkling Bomber) appears to be the same figurine cast in translucent plastic, intended as a cellphone charm. Also likely a limited run item.

(src: hiromi19840516)

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(src: Mercari)

(src: mskrm_249262028)

(src: oliver_and_mei_from_japan)

Small figurines of Bomberman with bead chains dated both 1997 and 1998, presumably released as prize items at SEGA World. The cardboard backing in their baggies identifies them as Saturn Bomberman Fight!! tie-ins.
Known releases include White, Black, Red, Blue and Green Bomberman.

A small line of figurines available as prizes at SEGA World arcades; the toy is dated 1998, while the packaging is dated 1999. When placed on the palm of your hand, it says one of two phrases: "Bomberman!" or "勝負だ / Battle!" Figures include White, Black, Red and Blue Bomberman.

(src: dokugantetsu13)

(src: Weekly Famitsu 2000/06/02)

A series of six keychain figurines (approximately 3cm tall) produced by stationary company Pentel (ぺんてる). Buying any Ain brand (アイン) high-polymer pen core replacement from May 2000 to July 31st 2000 would include a free Mini Mascot figurine [src]. Figurines include:

(src: Weekly Famitsu 2000/06/02)
● White Bomberman

● Black Bomberman

● Louie
● Red Bomberman

● Pommy

Each figurine also came with an entry sticker that would enter the buyer into a lottery when mailed to the appropriate Pentel address. Two prizes were available in the lottery:

(src: teyandeh)

The Bomberman Premium Set (ボンバーマンミニマスコットプレミアム8体セット), a carded set of eight Mini Mascot figurines featuring two exclusive figurines: Blue Bomberman (riding) and Yellow Bomberman (smiling). This prize was limited to 5,000 winners.
Bomberman MAX: Ain Version, an exclusive version of the game that was not sold at retail. This prize was limited to 2,000 winners.

(src: prnmm291)

A tie-in for Bomberman Kart DX available only to buyers who preordered the game between March 3rd and April 15th 2004 [src]. A small Bomberman head with a racing visor, with a keychain and lanyard connected to the top. If connected to a compatible cell phone, the bobble will illuminate when it receives an incoming call.

(src: mimiminomm)

A series of blind boxes by Yujin released in April 2005 [src], selling for 315 yen. Featuring pixellated voxel recreations of sprites from various Famicom games, approximately 3cm tall.

(Bomberman + Ballom)
Derby Stallion
(jockey + horse)

Speed Racer
(Player + COM)
Western Gun
(cowboy + cactus)

(Galax Ship + enemy ship)
Dig Dug
(hero + Fygar)

(Solvalou + Derota)
Family Stadium
(infielder + pitcher)

(src: mskrm)

A Bomberman figurine with a keychain on top and a chain of four bombs attached to its back, intended as a cellphone charm.

Released by Banpresto on April 20th 2007 [src] in four versions: White, Black, Red and Blue.

(src: incantomiku)

.S (pronounced "dots", sometimes parsed as "Dot-S") was a toyline by TomyTec released from 2005 to 2008. Arguably a 'building toy', it consisted of coloured pins you could press into a board to create pixel art images, similiar to a Lite Brite or Perler.

(src: dots' official website)

Starting in July 2006, a new subline was distributed exclusively through Taito's brand of amusement prize games [src], titled Catch The Dots (キャッチザドッツ), a play on Taito's "catch the heart" slogan. These small kits focused exclusively on Famicom games with at least two sets per game, each containing different pins intended to recreate specific sprites. Bomberman was the second-to-last release in the series (with the tangentially-related Lode Runner as the final release) [src].

キャッチ・ザ・ドッツ ボンバーマン (Bomberman)

#10 in the series. Released March 2007.
A Set: Includes pins to make Bomberman (walking or dying) or Onil
B Set: Includes pins to make Fire Up, Speed Up, Wall Pass or Remote Control

(src: bambino1980s)

キャッチ・ザ・ドッツ ロードランナー (Lode Runner)

#11 in the series. Released April 2007.
A Set: Includes pins to make Lode Runner (walking, climbing or dying)
B Set: Includes pins to make robot (walking, falling or climbing) [src]

(src: pspspeace)


A series of plastic styluses for the Nintendo DS sold as gachapon capsule toys for 200 yen. Released by Yujin (ユージン) in August 2007 [src] to tie in with the release of Touch! Bomberman Land 2: Star Bomber's Miracle World.
The stylus pen is separate into two pieces (to fit into the capsule) and measure 9cm long. The figurine on top is made of soft plastic and measures from 3 to 3.4cm tall (including the translucent base). The line was advertised as having 5 styluses, with a secret sixth release of 8-bit Bomberman. Presumedly it was a rarer "chase" figure. Releases include:

1 White Bomberman
(white & pink) 2 Black Bomberman
(black & blue)
3 Red Bomberman
(red & blue) 4 Power Bomb
(pink & black)
5 Fire Up Panel
(yellow & orange) 6 Secret

(8-Bit Bomberman)
(blue & white)


A series of figurines intended as cellphone charms released by Yujin in September 2007 [src] to tie in with the release of Touch! Bomberman Land 2: Star Bomber's Miracle World, and as a celebration of the franchise's 22nd anniversary. The figurines highlight unique character designs from the NES game, the PC Engine era, Super Bomberman 3, Bomberman on DS, and Touch! Bomberman Land.
The line was advertised as having 7 figures, with a secret eighth figure presumedly rarer than the rest. Figures include:

1 【ファミコン】ドット
Famicom: sprite
5 【DS】しろボン
DS: Bomberman

2 【ファミコン】ソフト
Famicom: cartridge
6 【DS】しろボン最新ver.
DS: Bomberman Modern Version
3 【PCエンジン】しろボン
PC Engine: Bomberman
7 アイテムパネル
Item Panel
4 【スーパーファミコン】しろボン+ルーイ
Super Famicom: Bomberman & Louie
8 シークレット (戦闘員)
Secret (Hige Hige Bandit)

(src: yurun22)

A gachapon toy released by Yujin in February 2008 [src]. A recreation of an old Hudson Soft product made to tie in with mascot-employee Takahashi Meijin's famous "16 shots per second" button-mashing prowess. This toy records how many times you can press the buttons within 10 seconds, and measures 5.5cm wide, 5cm tall and 2cm deep [src]. The Capsule Shooting Watch was available in different patterns, based off imagery from Hudson Soft games, including Bomberman; it was marketed as having 4 variants, with a secret fifth version presumedly rarer than the others:

Original Colour Version
Adventure Island Version
Bomberman Version
Star Soldier Version
5Joycard mk.2 Ver.
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