The goal of Normal Mode is to destroy all enemies and find the exit hidden beneath a random soft block.
Every tenth stage is a boss battle against a larger, stronger foe. Defeating the boss will award you with items and take you to the next world.
After every fifth stage is a Bonus stage, where Bomberman is invincible and must destroy ten Pontans within the time limit. to access a cache of items.
There are 10 areas with 10 stages in each.

Items are not automatically activated, but instead sent to Bomberman's inventory - it can be scrolled through and activated using the touchscreen. Most power-ups are active only for one stage, and some have a time limit. All active power-ups are lost upon death, though.

If time runs up, the exit will spawn a Pontan every 8 seconds. Bombing the exit at any time will also spawn a single Pontan.
If Bomberman runs out of lives, it's game over, and you can only continue from the start of the world or the last bonus stage.

Battle Mode

Details on the Battle Mode can be found here.


Control Pad Move the player.
A Button Lay a bomb. Use Power Glove; double-tap to use Line Bomb.
B Button Detonate a Remote Control bomb.
Y Button Use the Bomb Punch, Shield or Line Bomb abilities.
X Button Stop a kicked bomb.
L Button Stop a kicked bomb.
R Button Flip to page 1 of items menu (Normal Game). Displays player name (Battle Mode).
START Button Pauses the game.
SELECT Button Marks your Bomberman with an arrow (Battle Mode).

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Items in Normal Mode are held in your inventory, and can be activated at any time by tapping them on the touchscreen. All Bomb Ups, Fire Ups and Speed Ups are lost upon death, and all other power-ups are only active for one stage.
Names are sourced from the Japanese website. Names in brackets are from the English manual.

Bomb Up / ボムアップ

Increases bomb stock by 1. Maximum of 8.

Bomb Down / ボムダウン

Decreases bomb stock by 1.

Fire Up / ファイヤーアップ

Increases bomb blast range by 1 tile. Maximum of 8.

Fire Down / ファイヤーダウン

Decreases bomb blast range by 1 tile.

Full Fire / フルファイヤー

Maximises bomb blast range.

Speed Up / スピードアップ

Increases movement speed. Maximum of 8.

Geta / 下駄

Decreases movement speed.

Remote Control / リモコンボム

Bombs can be detonated at any time by pressing the B Button.

Penetration Bomb / 貫通ボム (Pass-Through Bomb)

Bomb blasts will penetrate through soft blocks.

Power Bomb / パワーボム

The first laid bomb will always have maximum blast range.

Land Mine Bomb / 地雷ボム

The first laid bomb is hidden from view (appearing only as a small grey dot), and will only detonate if a foe steps on it or if it is hit by a bomb blast. It will detonate 1 second after activation.

Boyoyon Bomb / ボヨヨンボム (Rubber Bomb)

If a bomb is kicked, it will bounce off any obstacle it collides with. If thrown, it will bounce around randomly before settling on a new position.

Dangerous Bomb / デンジャラスボム

Bombs explode in a 5x5 radius if user has 4 or more Fire Ups; with 4 to 7 the corners are rounded off, but at 8 Fire Ups it'sa perfect square.

Bomb Kick / ボムキック

Walk into a bomb to kick it; press the X Button to stop it in its tracks.

Bomb Punch / ボムパンチ

Press the Y Button to punch a bomb through the air; it will land 2 tiles ahead.

Line Bomb / ラインボム

Double-tap the A Button to lay all your bombs forward in a row.

Power Glove / パワーグローブ

Press the A Button to pick up and carry bombs. Release to throw 2 tiles ahead,

Shield / シールド

Hold the Y Button to draw a shield, protecting you from bomb blasts; you cannot move or changed direction while th shield is drawn.

Wall Pass / 壁抜け (Metawall)

Allows Bomberman to walk through soft blocks for 60 seconds. Bomberman will die if standing inside a soft block when the power-up expires.

Bomb Pass / ボム抜け (Metabomb)

Allows Bomberman to walk through bombs for 60 seconds.

Invincible! / 無敵

Renders Bomberman invulnerable to all attacks for 30 seconds.

Fire Suit / ファイヤースーツ

Renders Bomberman invulnerable only to bomb blasts for 30 seconds.

Heart / ハート

Protects Bomberman from 1 attack.

Clock / 時計

Adds 1 minute to the stage's timer.


Awards the player an extra life.

? (Question Mark / はてな)

Gives you a random item when collected.

Glasses / メガネ

Exposes what items are hidden inside soft blocks, and reveals the location of the exit.

Skull / ドクロ

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The Areas page (for level data and enemy info for each world) can be found here!

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