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The vision never dies / Life’s a never ending wheel

And so ends the episode coverage of Cadillacs And Dinosaurs. It’s been an entertaining run, and I’m glad to have given a bit of attention to a cartoon I actually like and not just something I covered solely because it’s a video game adaptation (it was nice to have an opportunity to riff on their […]

Movie where Bob Hoskins is a gangster #437

Like Withnail & I, it’s been suggested to me a million times and I’ve turned it down continuously in favour of something else, and now I’ve finally decided to watch Unleashed, also known by the rather silly-if-contextually-appropriate Danny The Dog in some regions. I was very, very impressed.

Super Fox Watcher II Hyper Watching

I went fox watching last night. My uncle is always talking about the seemingly millions upon billions of foxes he sees practically everywhere, from just outside his house to driving home from Ballymena, to even the leisure centre car park near his neighbourhood; the guy’s freakin’ tripping over foxes from the sounds of it. So […]

I once wrote a story where a guy’s fart killed a man

Current mood: ehhh Listening to: Just Love – The Strawbs (yeah the name’s a bit dorky but my god is it rockin’) When I’m mildly depressed (read: unable to be adequately productive), I tend to look back at things I did earlier in life and just think it over, and although it’s a pretty dumb […]