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ONM Remembered – #475

“As a result of the explosion, the flourescent orange flight recorder blows out of ‘copter and down the hill. D’oh! You’re the bloke who has got to find it in the dark!” from Goldeneye 007 Field Agent’s Manual (pack-in with Official Nintendo Magazine issue 64, January 1998)

ONM Remembered – #400

“This month we were struck on the heads by a GoldenEye 007 cartridge.” from N64 Magazine issue 9 (December 1997)

ONM Remembered – #200

“Did you know that, in GoldenEye 007, you can shoot someone in the leg once and they’ll still live? Well, if you didn’t, try it on Natalya. She’ll appreciate it.” from N64 Magazine issue 9 (December 1997)

ONM Remembered – #197

“And not forgetting: Fidel Castro! Idi Amin! That bloke from Mozambique!” from N64 Magazine issue 9 (December 1997) Besides being a mighty fine magazine, one thing that netted N64 Magazine further acclaim was its great tradition of swamping readers in pack-in guides, cheat lists and other booklets full of goodies. Although most were a very […]