The Deadly Language Barrier

Monday, September 13, 2010 at 9:24 pm Comments (3)

Am I doomed to having nothing interesting to talk about besides what movie I’ve seen lately? It’s geting a little boring having nothing of interest to discuss outside of some moving pictures.

I watched The Ruins, an idle suggestion I received and then I promptly spoiled everything about it for myself before watching. American tourists and their German hombre go to an obscure ruin, but it’s covered in a strange, sentient plant life that the Mayan locals consider to be an infectious plague, and anyone who’s put in contact with it is killed or quarantined to the temple. Can you guess where the remaining hour of the film is spent?

As a horror movie it focuses more on the psychological edge – yes, there are living plants (living in the sense that they’ll totally grab you by the wrist and drag half-dead people around the place, not in the traditional sit-there-and-look-pretty real life plant sense), but it’s more the quarantine aspect that’s played up with the limited resources, infections and general cabin fever driving the plot. You could argue it’s more what the characters do to themselves that’s grotesque more than the real threat. If you’ve got a thing for body horror, this is your movie! If not… well, say hello to an uncomfortable hour and a half. I found it to be an interesting premise to explore, though I’d probably rather read the book – actually seeing people cutting vines from under their skin and amputating each others’ legs is a bit too far for my liking, personally.

You know what I had totally forgotten?

My attempt at including a random doodle in every entry. The last unique one I included was way back in June! This is especially annoying since if I was ever to have a blog routine, having a doodle for every entry would be easy to do. It’s not like that ill-fated attempt to play some obscure NES game and waffle about it every week. Man, that only lasted three games, didn’t it? Story of my life.

This stupid drawing has been kicking around for months, maybe even since April or May. I liked the face and I liked the hands, but the rest was just too cumbersome to really finish. Also the story of my life.

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