ONM Remembered – #364

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“Oh, and Nintendo have signed up Tim Follin to compose the soundtrack in the style of REO Speedwagon. Or maybe I just haven’t got a clue. You decide.”

from N64 Magazine issue 11 (January 1998)

Some cute early footage of Paper Mario (then known alternately as Super Mario RPG 2 or Mario Story), featuring a different art style, unseen terrain and even some characters we’ve still yet to meet in the series!
Even in its early days, the game looked like a gem. The kooky papercraft art style has really helped the game remain rather timeless, and it’s a pity there hasn’t been a new one announced. With all of Nintendo’s experimenting with yarn, claymation and wool effects, you’d think some sweet paper or picture book effects would be easy. Maybe they could finally make something redeeming out of Yoshi’s Story.

We also have Ask FuSoYa, where Wil Overton dons a beard and answers reader’s queries while furiously stalling for time. It’s unfortunate his predictions on the Legend of Zelda: Master Quest did not come to be. :{

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