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ONM Remembered – #281

“Sounds like a lot of fun to us.”

from Official Nintendo Magazine issue 113 (February 2002)

I admit after the N64 era my skills for detecting unreleased games get a bit shaky, but it’s always fun to browse these later magazines, find a small news item or even a beefy review and ask, did this even come out or not?
I didn’t even need to confirm when I saw this. I mean, for fuck’s sake. A Flintstones racing game– scratch that, a Flintstones: Viva Rock Vegas racing game (of all things!!!!!) did not come out on GameCube. Nobody would ever release such a thing on any platform. No way, no how.

… well, I was half-right. It didn’t come out on GameCube, but it did come out on the PlayStation 2, though… in Europe only! And it… looks… woeful!
(it also looks a heck of a lot different than the game pictured here, but that’s an investigation i want no part of, buddy)

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