ONM Remembered – #141

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“(rather like arguing over whether a postcard of Waterhouse’s Lady of Shalott truly captures the original painting’s Pre-Raphaelite attention to detail. Um, quite.)”

from N64 Magazine issue 12 (February 1998)

They may have talked plenty about them, but how is your everyday English Eddie meant to actually get their paws on these fancy-pants import video games, let alone play them on their funny old PAL setups? Zy Nicholson shows us the score!

Admittedly, this feature hasn’t aged quite as well as other N64 Magazine features. Compared to their exposés on games development, the Japanese market and sumptuous homemade pastries, this one is a little bit boring. It is practical, yes, if you happen to find yourself stranded in 1997’s Scotland and in dire need of playing Tetrisphere – but it’s not exactly great reading material.
It does, however, let all you folks on the western hemisphere know the shit PAL gamers had to go through. No S-Video ports! Huge freakin’ borders! Slow frame rates! Long delays! Having played the N64 a lot in the past few months, the speed isn’t quite as bad as I remembered it, but some cases are really woeful – they say Goldeneye got a good conversion, but man, when it’s hit with slowdown, it’s hit hard. All the fog in the world can’t stop Cradle from suffering rendering lag.

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