ONM Remembered – #134

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“It’s got four!”

from Official Nintendo Magazine issue 63 (December 1997)

You might have noticed there’s a few staples of ONM Remembered. Okay, it’s more than a few, but I’ll spare you the list. I’m a sucker for anything to do with controllers and peripherals from the Nintendo 64 era. And any magazine article that happens to talk about them in-depth… well, hot dog, I am all over that!

Jeez, who knew there were so many steering wheels for the N64? Who knew there were so many racing games, for that matter?

There’s an interesting column along the side giving a brief breakdown of the development of a controller, InterAct’s Rattlesnake steering wheel prong thing, going from its conception, then design, and on to production. You don’t really hear much about the development cycle of a video game controller, let alone a third-party one, do you? I think it’s neat to hear about. I would’ve loved for this to have been in more detail with a broader scope, but they’d probably be pandering to the geekiest audience imaginable if they did that. They’ve got a reputation to uphold!

Speaking of reputations, if I hadn’t a crippling penchant for starting and abandoning projects on a whim, I’d probably end up starting an online museum for all these dumb old game accessories forgotten to time. Thankfully, someone has spared me the effort! I would’ve loved an excuse to go scrounging for old, obscure controllers though, because hokey smokes, look at those translucent gamepads! I think I’m in love.

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