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ONM Remembered – #68

“These top muffins hold a Mario-style surprise inside.”

from N64 Magazine issue 9 (December 1997)

One of the shortest features in N64 Magazine, but easily one of the most memorable – when Wil Overton isn’t drawing adorable doodles or designing a good mag, he and his wife show you how to make video game themed foodstuffs! If that isn’t the most adorable idea I’ve ever read… then I clearly have a very limited worldview.

I’ve a feeling I actually tried making the Wave Race Refresher at one point – and no surprise, because it requires absolutely no talent. Pour lemonade, dunk in food colouring, slam a scoop of ice cream into it. CONGRATURATIONS YOU ARE EXCELLENCE CHEF
If I remember correctly it tasted absolutely vile. Ice cream and lemonade are not a pleasant combination. I think we just used the rest of the food colouring on other drinks and pretended they were potions from Zelda. Christ, we were dorky kids.