An attempt to catalogue every facet of Puchi Carat lore on one page... though at the moment it's limited only to characters and locations. Could there be more to come?



Aragonite (family)

Talented pharmacists, and parents of Pearl and Dearl. The two perished in an explosion while concocting medicine, orphaning their seven year old children. Their only in-game depiction is as zombies in Pearl & Dearl's Original Mode bad ending.

Dearl Aragonite

(also known as: Dale)
A meek and shy young boy; he is Pearl's twin brother. He has a knack for brewing medicine, and harbours close feelings for his sibling. See full page.
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Pearl Aragonite

A cheery young girl; he is Dearl's twin sister. The two work as pharmacists in the Brilliant marketplace, and she's always looking for ways to attract business. See full page.
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Berylmarine (family)

(also known as: Berirumarine)
A wealthy family of aristocrats from Pendeloak. They bore great power and influence over the Gemstones Kingdom, until their noble status was severed after the mages took over the State, though they are still grossly wealthy. The two children of the family are Floryte and Shelito.

Aqua (Floryte Berylmarine)

A young woman with her head in the clouds. She drifts through life breezily and collects clothes, sometimes stealing the garments from people she meets. See full page.
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Paz (Shelito Berylmarine)

A determined sorcerer and statesman, and a dedicated magic advocate. He abandoned his family to pursue a career in politics, and mentored Sapphire in the ways of magic; a number of people, including Garnet, blame him for the current state of the kingdom. See full page.
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Bernoulli (family)

Mentioned only in backstory; a branch of the Corundum family. They quarrelled with Ogust Corundum to butt out of Caesar City, wanting to make a name for themselves instead.


Members of the State and Paz's right-hand men. Depicted only in Paz's Original Mode ending, and in two cards in the Game Boy version.


(also known as: Seamond)
A six-inch humble fairy who serves the Imitation family as their maid. She is infatuated with the young master and has set out to find him. See full page.

By (Ogust Corundum)

(also known as: Bee Corandam)
Once a wealthy, gold-obsessed merchant with great influence in Caesar City. Now transformed into a gibberish-speaking beast who seeks to regain his old body and reunite with his family. See full page.
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Peridot (Ribin Corundum)

(also known as: Perydot Corandam) Ogust's wife and mother to Sapphire and Thyst. She has been transformed into a beast, making her younger and incredibly horny, spending her days lusting over men. See full page.

Sapphire Corundum

An aspiring sorceress who has cast a spell upon her parents, taught to her by Paz. Her only ambition is to achieve great magical power. See full page.
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Thyst Corundum

(also known as: Shyst)
A shy young girl with serious self-worth issues whose only friend is Garnet. Her sister Sapphire has separated her family, and her wish is to reunite them. See full page.
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A scholar from centuries past who documented legends and mysteries in his research paper, A Treatise of Secrets and Mysteries (「神秘と謎の研究論文」). Its thirteenth chapter summarised the tale of the Secret Stones, and the expedition to find them. Rald is his distant ancestor. His name relates to chromium.

Grossular (thief)

The thief who stole the Secret Stones from the Optical Temple 500 years ago. His actions shattered the peace of the Gemstones Kingdom, and led to the rise of the magic State. His whereabouts afterwards are unknown. Garnet is his distant ancestor, and holds great shame for the thief's actions.

Grossular (family)

Mentioned only in backstory; Garnet's parents. They were wrongfully arrested and killed by the State when Garnet was 7 years old, possibly because of their ancestor's reputation.

Garnet Grossular

A hotblooded youth with a passion for nature and a hatred for politicians and magic. Energetic and exciteable, if a little scatterbrained. A descendent of the thief Grossular, whose reputation has given him grief during his childhood. See full page.
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Howlite (family)

Mentioned only in backstory; a wealthy family from Pendeloak. The parents separated when their daughter Rquo was 4 years old, though the father's new marriage was not a happy one either. These incidents reflected badly on the young girl, who ran away from home.

Rquo Howlite

(also known as: Ruco)
A young runaway from a troubled family whose only friend is her pet, Kumikumi. She is a misanthrope and aspires to conquer the world. See full page.

Imitation (family)

A family of a father and son. The young master took in C-Mond five years ago, who has served them loyally since then, and grown attached to the young boy. The master and young master went looking for the Secret Stones, prompting C-Mond to try and find them. The young boy is partially shown in C-Mond's Game Boy ending, though the father goes unseen.


A tiny, gibberish speaking yellow creature that is Rquo's pet. It lives atop her head and assists her in all her deeds. See full page.

Lumini (family)

Mentioned only in backstory; a family of historians, descendants of Crom. They were eager to guide their son Rald down the same occupation, though he took an interest in science instead.


Once a corrupt statesman, he has been forcibly retired and left to atone for his actions. He is very eccentric and prone to getting uppity for the most minor infractions. See full page.


(also known as: Patoraco, Patra-child, Patra-ko)
An Egyptian princess transported from her own world to the Gemstones Kingdom. A curious character with a penchant for trivia and cosplaying. See full page.
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(also known as: Paoli Maos)
A character mentioned only in dialogue; Patrako's quest across all stories is to return to "Ptolemy's house". A reference to the Ptolmaic dynasty.

Lumini Rald

A young inventor who has built many robots. He is a science advocate, which puts him at odds with the primarily magic-driven kingdom and its leaders. See full page.
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Rald #1

Mentioned only in backstory; five year old Rald's first invention, a robot so small it can fit in the palm of a hand.

Rald #27

Mentioned only in Rald's arcade story; Rald takes it with him on his journey, but Garnet accidentally crushes it beneath his foot. In the Game Boy version and English translation, it is Rald #30 instead.

Rald #28

A huge blocky robot (larger than a mansion) used to dethrone Paz and destroy the statesmen's building. Only seen in Rald's arcade ending.

Rald #29

A kaiju-sized robot that accidentally goes on a city-stomping rampage. Only seen in one of Rald's Original Mode endings.

Rald #30

Mentioned only in dialogue; in Rald's arcade story, it is a tiny robot that Garnet accidentally crushes beneath his foot. In Garnet's arcade story, it is a robot duplicate of Rald with synthetic skin.

Rald #31

A series of robot duplicates of Rald, differentiated only by the "31" on their foreheads. Seen in Rald's Game Boy ending and one of his Original Mode endings.


(also known as: Lilly)
A robot with hair, lips and cylindrical breasts; an answer to Rald's wish to "have a nice girl". Only seen in one of Rald's Original Mode endings.


Mentioned only in dialogue; a figure from Patrako's homeland, though she only finds a poster of it after being warped to an Ancient Egyptian Exhibition.


(also known as: Spnel)
A fairy maid. C-Mond fears she has run away with Master Imitation in her Original Mode bad ending. Her name is sourced from her Game Boy card.

Gemstones Kingdom

The setting of Puchi Carat, a kingdom spanning the lower half of a continent. It is bordered by the Asterism Sea (アステリズム海).

Forset Town

(also known as: Fasset)
A town to the south of the kingdom, near the coast with a mountain range towering behind it. Garnet resides on a hill overlooking the town, while Peridot owns a club inside, Peridot's Mansion (ペリードットの館).

Caesar Town

(also known as: Shyyerz)
A small rural town in the far west of the kingdom, far from any of the big cities. Ogust once held great power and influence in the town before his transformation. Thyst resides there, though who she lives with is uncertain.


(also known as: Pende Rowke)
The capital of the realm and home of the Berylmarine family, who were once nobility. The capital's influence over the land has been reduced since the rise of the magic State. Named after the pendeloque mineral.

Baguette Lighthouse

(also known as: Baget goes lighthouse)
A lighthouse overlooking the kingdom's port. C-Mond resides here to pine for her lost master.

Brilliant City

A bustling city in the kingdom's northwest, home to a lively marketplace where Pearl and Dearl sell their wares. Rald resides in a workshop here where he builds all his inventions.

Forest of Obsidian

(also known as: Gediet lake)
A picturesque forest littered in ruins and columns, and according to By, a great place for mining jadeite. It is marked on the arcade map as "Gediet lake" (a mistranslation of jadeite?) and is found to the west of Pendeloak.

Agate Mountains

(also known as: Agert mountain range) A mountain range to the north, overlooking the entire kingdom. Sapphire moved here to learn magic from a dragon said to live here. A location is marked on the arcade map at the south of the mountain, though it is hard to read: Spinel wkave?

Markee's Island

A small island off the coast of Forset; Opa bought land on it to make into his own personal garden. Who is Markee, you ask? A mistranslation of marquise, that's what!


A floating island with a luxurious mansion; this is where Paz and his fellow statesmen reside and govern over the kingdom. How one gets up there is unclear.

Jolrovis railway
A small rail stop to the east of Forset. Rquo can be found here. The name is mostly guesswork - it is named on the arcade map, but the resolution makes it darn near illegible. If you can take a better guess at it...! desert
A desert located in the northwest, possibly out of the kingdom's borders. The pyramid in Patrako's background might be in this desert, though it is only ever identified on the arcade map, so who's to say?

Optical Temple

A submerged shrine to the Secret Stones; its location is undisclosed, though it may be in the Forest of Obsidian. The mural inside tells of the power of the Secret Stones, and is where the Stones must be taken to perform your wish. After the wish is granted, the Secret Stones are scattered across the kingdom again.