The Transformers

Season 1

by Galvatron and Ragey



More Than Meets The Eye, Part 1

More Than Meets The Eye, Part 2

More Than Meets The Eye, Part 3

Transport to Oblivion

Roll For It

Divide and Conquer

Fire in the Sky

S.O.S. Dinobots

Fire on the Mountain

War of the Dinobots

The Ultimate Doom, Part 1

The Ultimate Doom, Part 2

The Ultimate Doom, Part 3

Countdown to Extinction

A Plague of Insecticons

Heavy Metal War


Season 2

by Galvatron



Autobot Spike

Changing Gears

City of Steel

Attack of the Autobots


The Immobilizer

The Autobot Run

Atlantis, Arise!

Day of the Machines

Enter the Nightbird

A Prime Problem

The Core

The Insecticon Syndrome

Dinobot Island, part 1

Dinobot Island, part 2

The Master Builders

Auto Beserk


Megatronís Master Plan, part 1

Megatronís Master Plan, part 2

Desertion of the Dinobots, part 1

Desertion of the Dinobots, part 2

Blaster Blues

A Decepticon Raider in King Arthurís Court

The Golden Lagoon

The God Gambit

Make Tracks

Child's Play

Quest for Survival

The Secret of Omega Supreme

The Gambler


Sea Change

Triple Takeover

Prime Target


The Search for Alpha Trion

The Girl Who Loved Powerglide

Hoist Goes Hollywood

The Key to Vector Sigma, part 1

The Key to Vector Sigma, part 2

Aerial Assault

War Dawn

Trans-Europe Express

Cosmic Rust

Starscream's Brigade The Revenge of Bruticus Masquerade



Season 3

by Ragey and Galvatron



The Five Faces of Darkness, part 1

The Five Faces of Darkness, part 2

The Five Faces of Darkness, part 3

The Five Faces of Darkness, part 4

The Five Faces of Darkness, part 5

The Killing Jar


Forever Is a Long Time Coming

Fight or Flee

Thief In the Night

Starscream's Ghost

Ghost In the Machine

Surprise Party

Madman's Paradise

Nightmare Planet


Carnage In C-Minor

The Big Broadcast of 2006

The Quintesson Journal

The Ultimate Weapon

The Dweller in the Depths

Only Human

Grimlock's New Brain

Money Is Everything

Call of the Primitives

The Face of Nijika

The Burden Hardest to Bear

Dark Awakening

The Return of Optimus Prime, part 1

The Return of Optimus Prime, part 2


Season 4

by Ragey



The Rebirth, part 1

The Rebirth, part 2

The Rebirth, part 3


where can I watch this?

Oh, mercy. Strap yourselves in, folks.


Season 1

Rhino released the season in the US as both individual volumes and a full box set with bonus feature disc. There's some extras on the remastering process, pointing out of animation errors (ANIMATOR'S HAIR), some dubbed clips from Masterforce and Victory, bumpers, the script to Transport to Oblivion and footage of BotCon 2001. It's pretty expensive.

Madman Entertainment released their own version of the season in Australia, and it is downright impossible to actually find out if it contains anything more than that.

Metrodome's UK release has different extras, such as a quiz, footage from BotCon 2004, character profiles, episode scripts and a "hidden Easter egg" that the site's description promises. What a mystery! Though it bugs me how the term "hidden" Easter egg is used. An Easter egg is meant to be hidden. At least, they are in the States. Over here you walk into a store and there they are!

There's also a ton of VHS tapes which are a lot cheaper than the American box sets, but they only contain like one or two episodes, so why bother?

Amazon US: Rhino DVD

Amazon UK: Metrodome DVD


Season 2

Since season 2 is nearly fifty episodes long, this causes a bit of a hullabaloo when it comes to DVD releases.

Metrodome's UK release is surprisingly simple, just splitting it into two three-disc box sets and plopping on some extras like scripts, quizzes, convention look-ats and a mini-comic in the second part. The menus kind of look hideously amateur, though, but not much to be done about that.

The US releases, however, look to be a huge jumble of complication. Instead of just releasing the boxsets, volumes of seven (or so) episodes each come out, of which there are about eight volumes for each half of the season. And then there's also boxsets compiling all those volumes together in a demonstration of actual intelligence, albeit delayed. Since Amazon's search engine is so wonky, it actually took me a few tries before seeing that there were boxsets at all, but obviously I recommend getting them over the individual volumes because honestly who would want those

Amazon US: Part 1 | Part 2

Amazon UK: Part 1 | Part 2


Season 3 + 4

Rhino's US release of the season is in two volumes, the second half containing season 4's three episode, as well as an interview with David Wise, the writer of the final season.

Metrodome's UK box set of the season also includes season 4, plus a few unexciting bonuses such as a look at a Transformers convention through the eyes of a heavy-accented Brit named Overlord, a quiz, character biographies, postcards of both official art and fan art, plus the second half of a mini-comic that really didn't help in not confusing me, what with this box set being my first intended entrance to the Transformers franchise.

It's also much, much cheaper to get than Rhino's versions. $140 for half of a season? Bollocks.

Amazon US: Part 1 | Part 2

Amazon UK: Metrodome DVD