I like a lot of sites! I'm also incredibly slow at actually updating this page, so, yeah, don't expect to see any of these links actually work or anything like that.

On the off-chance you'd like to link here, here's a bunch of silly banners I made like fifty years ago.

Flying Omelette's Kitchen Rage Quitter 87's Corner Shop Scary-Crayon Greybob's Igloo IncognitO
Deathamster's Nest Sweetbee's Game Hive CB007's Videogaming Archive
Crawl's Videogame Review Site Video Game Museum Skeezy the Claims-Jumping Clam
The Super Mario Bros. Movie Archive Bomberman Board The Mega Man Home Page
VGJUNK BBH's Waste of Bandwidth OPCFG
Dream and Friends
The Sardius Experience
Hardcore Gaming 101
Forgotten Junk Platypus Comix Alligator Juice
2D Will Never Die Otimusya The GHZ
Sydlexia X-Entertainment I-Mockey
Scrollboss The Spriters Resource
Tiny Cartridge The Armigideon Time UK:Resistance
Ashens Frankomatic Freelance Astronauts
TV Tropes wiki Transformers Wiki Super Mario Wiki
Unseen 64 Lost Levels Cutting Room Floor Wiki
Frying Bear Polas's Goodtime Retro Cafe (leftovers) Acts of Gord

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