The game hasn't got a whole lot of internet recognition, so I had to really scratch the bottom of the barrel to find these. Mind you, what few sites there are dedicated to the game, they are particularly high-quality!

Raider's Puchi Carat
Jewellery Shop

Quite possibly the most extensive Puchi Carat site available, going into detail on character tactics, stone maps and all the little codes and whatnot! Of course, being Japanese, it's going to be hard for an English user to understand it.

Puchi Carat & Paz

More extensive fun, such as transcriptions of character speech and a list of Paz's proverbs.

Puchi Carat Club

A woefully neglected but rather admirable attempt at generating attention for the game on deviantART. It also serves as a good starter point for fanart dedicated to the game on deviantART.

Wikipedia (English)

The online encyclopedia article dedicated to the game. It's better than it was when I first started the shrine, but it's lacking much in the way of juicy details.

Wikipedia (Japanese)

Now we're talkin' - individual character information and a brief paragraph to each of the console ports, all in moonspeak! Just what the doctor ordered.

TAITO Corporation

The chaps responsible for this fine game, among other many classic arcade hits. Give 'em props!
Don't forget to check out their Twitter account, if you're into the twitterings of Japanese game companies.


The men and women responsible for many Taito soundtracks, including that of Puchi Carat. A standing ovation, if you please!